Meesho Upcoming Sale 2024, Check Latest Meesho Offers, Today’s Offers, Best deals And Next Sale list

Check the Latest Deals on Meesho Upcoming Sales of 2024, Check out expected Sales dates and offers up to 90% OFF, Save all, and be ready to avail huge discounts on the Next Meesho Sale.

Are you looking for a trendy wardrobe collection at a disounted price ?

if your answer is “YES” , you are on the right page !

Since Meesho started , your very own Meesho has been offering deals, offers, and discounts.

In this article, we have shared:

  • Meesho upcoming sales
  • Meesho Sale Today Offers
  • Live Meesh Sale 2024
  • Today Best Offers

The upcoming Meesho Sale 2024 will allow you to purchase and resell a variety of items from its inventory. It has both men’s and women’s clothing, as well as footwear, purses, and jewelry. Additionally, you can find a variety of household things, including technological appliances and items for children. 

Grab the latest Offers. Discounts up to 80% and Deals on Meesho Save more

Meesho also assists you in making money with it by acting as a reseller. Through Meesho, you may sell a wide range of goods to your friends, family, and neighborhood and earn huge commissions.

Keep reading to learn about all the sales that are anticipated to go live repeatedly this year and when you can shop for the best deals.

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Summary of Meesho Upcoming Sale Post:

Sale TypeMeesho Upcoming Sales
No. of Upcoming Sales15 Sales
Next Sale DetailsExpected Date and Offers
Maximum DiscountUp to 80% OFF
Extra Meesho OffersToday Meesho Deals

Note all dates

List Of Upcoming Sale on Meesho

Here is the list of All Meesho sales and Offers including Today and Future discounts.

Meesho Sales NameExpected DatesOffers Up To 60-80% On
Meesho Wedding Sale19th to 24th JanuaryAll Category Sale
Meesho Maha Indian Savings Sale5th to 15th FebruaryWomen And Men Ethnic Wear, Footwear, Electronics
Meesho Holi Sale3rd to 9thth MarchFashion Sale
Meesho BlockBuster Sale15th – 18th Marchupto 80% off
Meesho Summer Sale29th June to 8th JulyFashion, Footwear, Electronics
Meesho Independence Sale8th to 14th AugustAll Apparel. Electronics
Meesho Maha Indian Drop Sale8th to 12th SeptemberPersonal Care, Beauty, Footwear
Meesho Maha Indian Shopping League Sale9th to 15th OctoberFashion, Electronics, Beauty
Meesho Diwali Sale- Maha Indian Diwali Sale5th to 15th NovemberEthnic Wear, Electronic Appliances, Jeweller
Meesho Winter Collection Sale24th to 29th NovemberAll category sale
Meesho Stock Clearance Sale2nd to 15th DecemberAll category sale
Meesho Christmas Sale20th to 26th DecemberAll Category Sale
Meesho New Year Sale25th December to1st JanuaryAll Apparel, Electronics,

Sales with Details and Discount.

Meesho Upcoming Sales 2024

Here is a list of some of Meesho upcoming sales and offers in 2024.

We have also shared some details about each sale with their expected date and discount.


Meesho New Year Sale

Meesho New Year Sale 2024 provides its consumers with fantastic savings on all fashion products and electrical goods. You can buy things for yourself and resale them for a profit with no investment.

You can anticipate a nice shopping experience, amazing quality products, and discounts of up to 80% during this deal. Different sorts of products are available in a diversity. Every January, this bargain is to be anticipated. 

Expected Date – 27th December-2nd January 

Meesho New Year Offer:

  • Customers can get fantastic savings during the New Year’s sale on all fashion apparel and electronics and also Note the Croma sale dates for huge discounts on electronic items. 
  • On this sale, you may anticipate a discount of up to 80%. 
  • Excellent products of high quality and a positive purchasing experience. 
  • Every January, this bargain is to be anticipated.


Meesho Wedding Sale

The Meesho wedding boutique is having a deal from January 19 to January 24. Since many marriages occur around that period, the sale is eagerly awaited.

The best time to shop for the best wedding attire at the lowest rates is now, so you should visit their website. 

Expected Date – January 19 to January 24

Meesho Wedding Offers:

  • The Meesho wedding boutique is having a deal from January 19 to January 24. 
  • The best website for finding wedding attire at the lowest prices. 


Meesho Holi Sale

With Meesho, you may anticipate a sizable sale during the Holi holiday. With Meesho, the celebration of colors is anticipated to deliver fantastic cashback and discounts. You can purchase items from all product categories for both you and your family. 

If you’d like, you can put your clothes up for sale during this event. There will likely be a large selection of products available with discounts of up to 60% throughout the sale. 

Your wardrobe will undoubtedly be stuffed with alluring options for the festival and the entire year.

Expected Date – 5rd to 9th March

Meesho Holi Meesho Offers

  • With Meesho, you may anticipate a sizable sale during the Holi holiday. 
  • The sale is anticipated to provide discounts of up to 60%. 
  • a large selection of goods to choose from.

Meesho BlockBuster Sale

15th- 19th March

Grap the best deals on Meesho BlockBluster Sale 2024 . like every year , the Meesho BlockBuster sale is here again . so, what are you waiting for?

Meesho finally announced BlockBuster Sale starting from 15th march 2024 . find your favorite products , and get them in lowest possible prices Now !

Expected Date – 15th to 19th March

Meesho Blockbluster Sale Offers:

  • Tickets to win prizes worth Rs. 30 Lakhs
  • Rs. 9 Deals in every 2 Hours .
  • Upto 50% off on jewellaries
  • Kitchen Appliances and summer skincare routine starting from Rs. 99
  • Upto 12% Extra discounts on Online Payments


Meesho Summer Sale

Summer requires a variety of fresh home furnishings and appliances because it is a season of brilliant colors and clothing. Meesho as well as Ajio sale can be used to beautify your house and kitchen during summer. 

You may renovate your home and clothing for fewer money thanks to the Meesho summer sale. 

You can choose from its extensive selection of goods and appliances to prepare your home for the summer. You can also choose from various items in its baby care and children’s product lines. The sale is anticipated to start in the summer. 

Expected Date – 29th June to 8th July

Meesho Summer Sale Offers

  • You may renovate your home and clothing for fewer money thanks to the Meesho summer sale.
  • Numerous items are available in its baby care and children’s ranges as well. 
  • The sale will be active from June 29 to July 8. 

Meesho Maha Indian Savings Sale

Meesho promises significant savings and attractive prices during the Maha Indian Savings sale. You may anticipate a 70% discount during this sale on practically all items in the women’s and men’s categories, gadgets included.

To take advantage of the finest deals, you might prepare to shop during this sale with a lengthy wishlist. The product categories available are varied and very simple to purchase.

You may resale them for a lot of money. On purchases of $1,000,000 or more, you can receive guaranteed cashback on your Phonepe and Paytm wallets. 

Don’t miss this opportunity because it will only be available for a short time. 

Expected Date – 30 – 31st July 

Meesho Maha Indian Savings Offer:

  • Meeho promises significant savings and attractive prices during the Maha Indian Savings sale. 
  • Almost all items in the women’s and men’s categories, as well as gadgets, will be discounted by 70%. 
  • The product categories available are varied and very simple to purchase. 
  • You can receive guaranteed cashback on more than 1 crore products by paying from your Phonepe and Paytm wallets.

Independence Day Meesho Sale

August 8 through August 14,

The Day of Independence should make you happy to be an American. You may also be a proud shopper with Meesho thanks to fantastic discounts and deals in a variety of areas.

You can choose from a diverse and colorful selection of apparel, accessories, children’s wear, and electronics and get up to 70% discounts. 

Meesho can guarantee that all of your purchasing requirements are met on this Independence Day. 

Expected Date – August 8 through August 14,

Meesho Independence Day Offers

  • Up to 70% off is what the Meesho Independence Sale will provide. 
  • Huge savings and promotions across many categories.
  • You can choose from a broad and colorful selection of apparel, accessories, children’s wear, and technology. 

Meesho Maha Indian Drop Sale

September 8 through September 12

You can choose from more than 60+ lakh unique product varieties when you shop during the Meesho Maha Indian Price Drop Sale. 

It is anticipated that loyal clients in several categories may receive discounts of up to 80% during the sale. During the sale, it is anticipated that a large selection of stylish apparel, accessories, and footwear will be offered at the lowest prices. You can get items from its extensive selection at a low price with significant savings. 

Expected Date – September 8 to September 12,

Meesho Maha Indian Offers:

  • You can shop from more than 60+ lakh different product ranges during the Meesho Maha Indian Price Drop Sale.
  • You can get items from its extensive selection at a low price with significant savings. 
  • In several categories, the sale is anticipated to result in discounts of up to 80%. 
  • From September 8 through September 12, the sale is anticipated. 

Meesho Maha Indian Diwali Sale

Diwali is a wonderful Indian holiday with lots of deals and discounts. Meesho offers fantastic savings on jewelry, ethnic clothing, and electronics. 

Meesho Upcoming Diwali Sale 2023

Every year, this deal offers significant savings. You can purchase everything at the lowest possible cost, including footwear, men’s clothing, home appliances, and ethnic clothing. So, be patient. 

Expected Date – 23rd to 27th Spet.

Meesho Mana Indian Diwali offers

  • Meesho, you may save a lot of money on jewelry, ethnic clothing, and electronics. 
  • Every year, this deal offers significant savings.

Meesho Maha India Shopping Sale

Meesho maha indian shopping sale

Expect the lowest price and win as you shop at the Meesho Maha India Shopping sale. You can expect discounts of up to 70% and can earn only. Meesho credits, rewards, and bumper prices are all possible. 

It is impossible to be dissatisfied with Meesho. Await the launch of the sale. 

Expected Date – October 9 and run through October 15.

Meesho Maha India Shopping offers:

  • You may anticipate the lowest prices across all categories from this event. 
  • Additionally, when shopping, you have a chance to win.
  • earn only. 
  • The deal will start on October 9 and run through October 15. 
  • Meesho credits, rewards, and bumper prices are all possible. 

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Meesho Winter Clothing sale

Expected date – 24TH to 29TH November 

Meesho exclusive online sale will be for its winter collection from November 24 through November 29. You may browse for the best winter clothing during this sale for the lowest costs

. The best selection of woolen tops, coats, sweaters, tracksuit bottoms, etc. is available during the winter sale. Prepare to shop for the greatest winter clothing as a result. 

Expected date – November 24 to November 29. 

Meesho Winter Clothing Offer

  • Will provide the best winter clothing you can get at the most affordable prices. 
  • Most excellent selection of wool tops, coats, sweaters, tracksuits, etc.

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Meesho Stock Clearance Sale

Expected Date – 2nd to 15th December  

It’s equally fun to shop at Meesho stock clearance sale. During this sale, enormous discounts — up to 80% can be anticipated. You can buy practically whatever you want, including bags and accessories, jewelry sets, household appliances, shoes, and clothing, by filling your closets. 

During this event, the organization provides all of the highest-quality products for incredibly low prices. By reselling them to your friends and family, you could also increase your income. Please wait till this sale is online and running. 

Expected Date – December 2 through December 15 

Meesho Stock Clearance Offers:

  • During this event, the organization provides all of the highest-quality products for incredibly low prices. 
  • During this sale, enormous discounts—up to 80%—can be anticipated.
  • You can browse for clothing, home goods, bags and accessories, jewelry sets, and shoes. 


Meesho Christmas Sale

Expected date – 20th to 26th December

Around the time of Christmas proper, there is a Meesho Christmas sale. This year, December 20 through 26 are anticipated dates. The best party and everyday winter apparel will be available at the lowest prices during the sale. 

Meesho Christmas sale

By purchasing the most stylish, cozy, and comfortable winter clothing from Meesho, you can improve your Christmas Eve experience. 

Expected date – December 20 through 26

Meesho Christmas Offers:

  • Up To 80% + 10% Off
  • Around the time of Christmas proper, there is a Meesho Christmas sale.  
  • The best winter party and casual clothing will be for sale. 
  • You can purchase clothing for as little money as possible.

Why should you purchase on sales time

Benefits Of Meesho Sale Today Offers

Well, there are lots of benefits when we know which, when, and what are the upcoming offers.

Here we have mentioned some benefits of knowing about Meesho upcoming sale.


Save You Money:

Online sales can allow you to purchase the products you want at discounted prices, helping in saveing you money.


Make Purchasing Planning:

By knowing about Meesho upcoming sales, you can plan and make informed decisions about when to make purchases. This can help you avoid impulse buys and make the most of the discounts available.


Availability of products:

Meesho Popular products can sell out quickly during a sale, so knowing about the sale ahead of time can give you a chance to purchase the products you want before they run out of stock.



Online sales are often more convenient than in-store sales because you can shop from the comfort of your own home at any time of the day.


Opportunity to try new products:

Sales can also offer an opportunity to try new products that you might not have considered purchasing at full price.


Access to exclusive deals:

Some Meesho sales offer exclusive deals that are only available for a limited time, so being aware of these sales can give you access to these deals.

Frequently Ask Question

Queries Related – Meesho Next Sale Date and Offers

What are Meesho Upcoming Sales?

Ans. Meesho upcoming sales include the Winter Sale, Stock Clearance Sale, Christmas Sale, New Year Sale, Diwali Sale, and many more. 

When is the next sale on Meesho?

Ans. On almost every occasion, Reliance Digital launches a new sale where customers can get the best discount on electronic products

Are there any upcoming sales on Meesho this month?

Ans. Yes, there may be any sale, please check the above sales list to confirm this month’s sale. We cautiously add and update the sales.

Where can I get a notification for Meesho next sale?

Ans. Stay tuned with the Deals Dekho, follow us on social platforms, and subscribe to our newsletter. We will notify you of the meesho best sale and deals plus, all other store’s upcoming sale .

How much discount do you get on upcoming sales?

Ans. Meesho is offering discounts of up to 70% on clothing from top brands. To learn more about the various discounts Meesho is offering, read this article.

Should I wait for the next sale?

Ans. Yes, you can wait for the next sale which is going to start soon.

What are the offers in Meesho upcoming sale?

The offers in Meesho upcoming sale may vary but typically include discounts, cashback offers, and bank offers on various products. You can check the Meesho app or website for specific details.

How to avail of bank offers during the Meesho sale?

To avail of bank offers during the Meesho sale, you typically need to use a specific bank’s debit or credit card while making the purchase. Check the details of the bank offer on the Meesho app or website for more information

How can i sell products on Meesho

To sell produts on Meesho , you need to follow these steps –

1. Register as a Meesho Seller. All you need is an active bank account and your GSTIN number (for GST sellers) or Enrolment ID / UIN (for non-GST sellers).

2.After completing the registration, upload your product catalog on the Meesho Supplier Panel.

3.Meesho charges the lowest shipping cost for deliveries across India (for GST sellers) and within the state (for non-GST sellers).

4.Payment is securely deposited directly to your bank account on Meesho following a 7-day payment cycle from order delivery, including Cash on Delivery orders.

About Meesho Upcoming Sale

Meesho upcoming sales are next or upcoming sale ideas based on previous sales. Here we checked on the previous year’s Meesho sale and date, and on behalf of them, we are sharing the expected upcoming Meesho sales, dates, and offers.

So Meesho users can get proper time to wish listed products, ready their debit or credit cards, and have an eye on current product price and later offer price, so they can avail of the best discount on the Meesho next sale.

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Social commerce platform

About Meesho Shopping Platform

Meesho Website Screenshot

Meesho is a social commerce platform that handles retail distribution, making it possible for small retailers to connect and successfully market their goods on social media platforms.

Bengaluru-based Meesho wants to establish a setting where anyone may launch a business with no money down. The startup wants to produce 20 million microbusiness owners.

Company NameMeesho
TypePrivate Limited Company
HeadquartersBangalore, India
ProductsFashion, lifestyle, home decor, electronics, and more
FoundersVidit Aatrey, Sanjeev Barnwal
Key PeopleVidit Aatrey (CEO), Sanjeev Barnwal (CTO)

On the Meesho platform, there are over two million resellers, and more than 20,000 manufacturers from over 500 towns receive distribution through Meesho. Meesho has a commission structure that ranges from 10 to 15 percent, and vendors can profit by tagging a profit margin to each sale.

Meesho, the biggest resale platform in India, was established in 2015. Manufacturers and resellers are primarily connected by the Meesho app. Manufacturers list their items on the Meesho shopping app, which enables retailers to select any of them and sell them to clients using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Manufacturers of clothing, accessories, furniture, kitchenware, and cosmetics are some of the vendors who list their goods on Meesho, If you looking for top-brand cosmetics product discounts just check out the Nykaa upcoming sales for huge OFF.

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Final View – Meesho Sale 2024

Meesho always has fresh, intriguing merchandise available to keep your buying ideas organized. Download Meesho App for the forthcoming Sale in 2024 will have a variety of goods available for purchase and resale

Along with clothing for both men and women, it also sells jewelry, purses, and shoes. you can also wear Zara cloth at a Discount rate by Noted Zara’s upcoming sales date. Additionally, a wide range of household items is available, including gadgets and things for kids.

Complete details on the upcoming sale on Meesho are provided in this post. I made an effort to include all relevant information regarding the Meesho 2024 sale, including information about the Maha Indian Savings Sale, Meesho Holi Sale, Meesho Summer Sale, Meesho Independence Sale, Meesho Diwali Sale, and Meesho Christmas Sale.

Hopefully, this article will allay your concerns. So, are you guys anticipating the sales? Shop worry-free in a variety of areas with Meesho.

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