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March 4, 2023

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50% OFF – On Plum Skincare products Verified

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35% OFF – On Plum goodness BodyCare Products Varified

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30% OFF – On Plum Goodness haircare Products, Use and get Huge discounts. Varified

Get a 30% Discount on all plum Goodness Haircare Products. Use Coupon to get Maximum Discount.
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Plum Coupon code 2023

30% OFF – On Plum Goodness Makeup Products. Apply Coupon Code to get a Huge Discount. Varified

Get a 30% Discount on all plum Goodness Makeup Products. Use Coupon to get Maximum Discount.
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Plum Coupon code 2023

10% OFF – On Perfume body spray – Best Plum Goodness Fragrance Vaerified

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Plum Coupon code 2023

10% OFF – On Phy Products for Guys of Plum Goodness. Best Values

Get a 10% Discount on plum Goodness Phy Products by using Coupon Code.
This is a Manually Verified and Latest Plum Goodness Coupon Code.

Get the latest Plum Coupon code 2023, and received a maximum 35% discount on Plum Goodness products. Avail of fast Plum Coupon Code on DealsDekho Step by Step.

Only 100% vegan beauty items are available from the well-known beauty brand Plum. This brand’s products protect your skin, environment, and other senses because they are made with solely natural ingredients. Utilizing Plum also allows you to protect and nourish your skin without worrying excessively about how your skin looks. 

Because every hue and tone is attractive and because we should all value diversity, this brand does not support the usage of fairness creams. You may take the best possible care of your skin using the products from this brand.

A well-known coupons aggregator website is one of the finest places to go when making an online purchase from a beauty and wellness retailer like Plum. This website contains a tonne of discounts, coupons, and other promotional offers that can help you save a tonne of money on your purchases.

Latest Plum coupon, offers, and promo code:

Plum Goodness Promo Codes (Verified)Plum Goodness Code DetailsPayment Method 
SELF-LOVEBuy 2 Get 1 FreeCredit or Debit Card
PLUM3030% Discount On Select ProductsNet Banking
BESTSELLERSave 28% On Best Selling CombosAny
NAIL450Buy 3 Get 23% Off On Nail PolishCredit or Debit Card 
FLAT100Rs.100 Discount On All OrdersCredit or Debit Card or Cash On Delivery 

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How to Avail Plum Coupon Code 2023

Follow these Easy 6 steps and avail your Plum coupon code 2023

Step 1 – Visit DealDekho.com:

In the very first step, you have to visit the DealDekho.com website which provides you best deals on the best personal care brands.

Step 2 – Go to the store’s Page

After a visit to Our website, you need to click on stores you are redirected to our Stores page where you can see the multiple stores listed.

Step 3 – Select Plum

When you are on the Stores page you have to search for the Plum store to get Plum Discount Code, Just click on

Step 4 – Click on the Get Coupon Button product

After clicking on Plum Store, you need to choose a product category that you want to purchase then click on the right side given the get button.

Step 5 – Redirected to Plum

When you click on the Button you are redirected to a particular product category offer and discount page. where you can paste our provided coupon code.


After a visit to Plum offer and discount, add your cart your product and get the discounted price. Just apply the Plum promo code and get a huge cut on the actual price.

Get best deals

Plum Discount Offers

1. Makeup 

Get a flat 10% discount on makeup items like lipstick, nail polish, face wash, daily makeup essential kits, and more. 

2. hair care 

Get 10% off on hair care items like shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, and products for controlling frizz. 

3. Skincare 

Get discounts of at least 10% on skincare items like toners, under-eye recovery gels, cleansing face washes, night gels, face serums, and oil-free moisturizers. 

4. Perfumes 

10% off perfumes If you have any questions, you can explore the many additional product categories on Plum.

To gain a sense of the quality and performance of the products before making a purchase, you may also read reviews and ratings on the website or other e-commerce sites.

Skincare brand

About Plum

About Plum

Are you looking for the greatest skincare item to shield your skin from chemicals and dust? You only need a plum! The platform is the preferred choice for all vegan fanatics because of its 100% vegan guarantee and largest source of natural nutrients. 

What makes this amazing skincare product-selling company outstanding is its flawless service across the nation and client happiness. The brand has made it very clear that they do not create fairness creams since they value the diversity and attractiveness of every woman, which is an interesting truth.

Why Do You Choose Plum

Plum makes the most of the usage of natural ingredients in its products, making them 100 percent pure and skin-safe. All of Plum’s products, including those for sensitive skin, are suited for all skin types. 

The company’s goods can be used by men as well. Additionally, Plum products are easily accessible thanks to more than 100 retail locations spread out throughout all four corners of the nation.

Plum goodness could refer to the health benefits of plums. Plums are a good source of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, and dietary fiber. They also contain antioxidants that can help protect against cell damage and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Nutritional value: Plum goodness products, such as plum juice or dried plums (prunes), can provide nutritional benefits similar to fresh plums. They are a good source of vitamins and minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.

Digestive health: Plum goodness products, especially prunes, are known for their digestive health benefits. Prunes contain natural laxatives that can help prevent constipation and promote regularity.

Nourishment: Plum kernel oil is rich in vitamins A and E, as well as fatty acids. These nutrients can help nourish and moisturize the hair, making it softer and smoother.

Strengthening: Plum goodness haircare products can help strengthen the hair by penetrating the hair shaft and adding a protective layer to each strand. This can help prevent breakage and split ends.

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Plum Goodness Referral program

The refer-a-friend program for Plum Goodness is open to all users. Gain fantastic cashback, discounts, first access to new releases, and other benefits by making your buddy a plum.

Users can earn points by referring friends to Plum Goodness. Plum lover membership is available at Tier 1 for those with fewer than 3000 points

Plum lover membership is available at Tier 1 for those with fewer than 3000 points

There are two further tiers, each with a unique way to earn points. Users can earn up to 1000 points, which are worth 100 rupees. When using the refer and earn Plum goodness coupons, new users who sign up to become Plumsters will receive 20% off on all orders.

Get rewards on sing up

Plum Goodness Rewards Program

Users have access to the Plum Goodness rewards program, which offers them endless perks. For customers to save more money while shopping, Plum Goodness offers this special membership program. 

Users at plumgoodness.com must register a new account. They can gain 500 points upon signing up after creating an account. Cherry Goodness 1 Rupee is equal to 10 points. 

They can register using a legitimate phone number or email address. There are three levels to this loyalty membership program, including “Pro” Plumster, “Plum Buff,” and “Plum Lover.” Each membership tier offers a unique set of advantages and point-earning programs. 

Users advance through levels based on how much they spend when shopping at Plum Goodness. On every order, users can receive 20% to 40% savings and double the cashback.

Plum Return and Refund Policy

Plum Return Policy:

Product returns must be made within 7 days after delivery. To ensure the safety of its delivery partners during return transportation, they only accept returns when less than one-third of the goods have been consumed and with the original packaging materials. 

The return policy does not apply to promotional items and complimentary gifts. The decision of Plum in this matter will be final. They reserve the right to refuse to honor return requests that they determine to be fraudulent or Malafide. Last but not least, this return policy is only applicable to items bought directly from plumgoodness.com.

In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with a product, just send an email to hello@plumgoodness.com with your name, phone number, and a time that works for you to call. To help you better understand the problem and get instructions on mailing the goods back to them, one of their product experts will give you a call.

Plum Refund Policy:

After receiving your merchandise at their facilities, they will handle your request in 3 working days. The money (minus shipping and handling fees) will be returned in the form of gift cards of equal value for plumgoodness.com.

Get fast support

Plum Customer Service:

If you need help placing an order, using your new equipment, or if you have any other issues, get in touch with the customer service staff. 

Customers can get in touch with plum through any of the different contact methods given here and provide feedback, recommendations, and reviews. Customers have constant access to assistance and support.





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Opening hours

Monday to Sunday: 10:00 AM- 6:30 PM

Grievance Officer Name: Ajay Gopalakrishnan

Email ID: grievance.officer@teampureplay.com

Mobile Number: 91750-649-6604

Address: 1st Floor, Lodha i-Think Techno Campus, A Wing, Chirak Nagar, Thane Maharashtra 400607.

Plum Payment Method 

Almost all forms of payment are accepted by Plum you can use any payment method: including-

Debit cards,
Credit cards,
Online banking,
The majority of mobile wallets are accepted by Plum.

Plum Bank and Wallet Offer

Offer on ICICI Bank

  • To help you feel your best, ICICI Bank and Plum Goodness are bringing you an offer. 
  • By using your ICICI Bank credit or debit card, internet banking, or both, you can receive a flat 20% discount on anything on the website plumgoodness.com. 
  • Coupon: PLMBGD

Offers on Axis Bank

  • Offer 1: New Plum Goodness customers receive 20% off minimum purchases of $1,000 (up to $400 maximum) with the promo code PLFLAXN20. 
  • Offer 2: For current Plum Goodness customers, 20% off with a minimum purchase of Rs. 1500 (with a maximum discount of Rs. 500). 
  • A person may use this deal on plumgoodness.com only once.

Conclusion – Plum Coupon Code 2023

Plum Coupon Code 2023

With more and more individuals becoming vegans every day, Plum has seen a tremendous customer reaction and has a promising future.

Additionally, every single product offered on its site is of the highest calibre and will do everything in its power to treat and protect your skin. To help you save a lot of money when buying at plum, we have offered a number of discount codes on this page.

FAQs – Plum Promo and Discount Code 2023

Q1. How can I spend less at Plum? 

Ans. Go to the platform’s “Offers” area and select your preferred item to save extra money at Plum. By keeping a watch on the company’s platform or just using the information in this post, you can also wait for the company to release spectacular deals. 

Q2. How Can I Get In Touch With Plum Goodness’ Customer Service? 

Ans. Users can get in touch with Plum Goodness Customer Care by calling +91-750-649-6604 or sending an email to hello@plumgoodness.com.

Q3. Do they provide free delivery at Plum Goodness? 

Ans. Yes, customers can avoid paying delivery fees on purchases over Rs. 799. Users can also use the free delivery coupons offered here to reduce the cost of delivery. By using the Plum Goodness free delivery coupons, they can enjoy free shipping on a variety of items across several categories. 

All customers are eligible for free shipping from Plum Goodness on items including gift packages, combo packs, and other Plum bestsellers. There is no need for a Plum Goodness coupon code to receive free delivery on all orders.

Q4. How can you get a Discount on Plum?

For a discount on plums first, visit on DealsDekho website, search for the plum store, then select the product categories which you want to purchase, after then enter the given code.

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