Air India Student Discount 2024, 25% OFF for Students On Air India Flight

Air India Student Discount 2024, 25% OFF for Students On Air India Flight

Air India Student Discount 2024 Save up to 25% of Basic fares on Economic class cabins, Best Chance to save money on your Flight by using Student Discount on Air India.

To qualify for the student discount that Air India is now offering, you only need to provide a valid student ID. The concessionary rate that Air India offers may save students up to 25 percent off of the standard ticket for travel in Economy class.

Excited to get up to 25% discount on Air India? How? Read.

Students have access to an incredible opportunity to save more money on their trip thanks to the student discount that is offered on flights. Students enrolled in an accredited college or university program that requires them to attend classes full-time are eligible for this discount.

In the following posts, we will talk at different lengths about the student discount offered by Air India and the requirements that need to be met to qualify for the student discount offered by Air India.

There is no longer any need to go through an infinite number of pages on the airline’s website since we have compiled all the necessary information here.

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Air India Student Discount 2024

Air India Special Fare for Student

Get a Flat 6% Discount
Students enjoy a discount of up to 6% on our base fares. Subject to mandatory ID verification. T&C apply

Air India Flying Returns & Rewards

Incredible rewards and unparalleled benefits
When you buy an economy, business, or first-class ticket, you earn points. As a member of our Flying Returns program, you can earn points when you fly Air India and with our Star Alliance partners.

Air India Special Offers 2024

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Follow given Ways

Ways To Get Air India Student Discount 2024

1. Check Air India’s Website:

Visit Air India’s official website and look for any information or promotions related to student discounts. Look for dedicated sections or pages that provide details on student fares or discounts.

2. Student Travel Agencies:

Some travel agencies specialize in student travel and may have access to discounted fares or student-specific deals. Consider checking with student travel agencies to see if they offer discounted fares on Air India flights.

3. Contact Air India Customer Support:

Reach out to Air India’s customer support through their website, email, or phone. Inquire about any available student discounts, eligibility criteria, and the booking process. They will be able to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding student discounts on Air India flights.

4. Follow Air India on Social Media:

Air India may announce special promotions, discounts, or contests on their social media platforms. Follow their official accounts to stay updated on any student-specific offers.

5. Subscribe to Newsletters:

Sign up for Air India’s newsletters or promotional emails. They may occasionally send out notifications about exclusive discounts, including student fares.

By Following these ways, you can definitely get a student discount on Air India.

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Avail Fast

How to Avail Student Discount On Air India?

Students need to complete these straightforward procedures to take advantage of the Air India student offer for domestic travel:

  • Go to the Air India website and choose the “Book Now” option from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill out the form with the specifics of your trip, including the travel dates, the total number of passengers, and the travel category.
  • When you choose the ‘Search’ button, a list of the accessible flight options will be shown to you.
  • Click the “Book Now” button after finding a convenient flight for your itinerary, then make your selection.
  • On the next screen, look for the option labeled “Student Discount,” then input your student ID number.
  • Once you pay for your reservation, the reduced rate will be applied to purchasing your tickets.
  • Calling the Air India contact center or going in person to an Air India office are both acceptable methods for qualifying for the student discount offered by Air India.

Students between 12 and 24 with valid IDs are eligible for the discounted price. Prices are subject to change and may not always be available. There is the possibility of blackout dates. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

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Queries for, Air India Student Discount

Q1. Does Air India provide a student discount?

Yes, Air India provides student discounts if they are eligible.

Q2. How to activate the Air India student discount?

Students are only eligible for the discount if they prove they are enrolled in an officially recognized educational institution and have a current student ID.

Q3. What are the eligibility requirements for Air India Student Offer?

To avail of student concession with Air India, you must have a valid student ID affiliated with a respected university. The age of students claiming concession should be between 12 to 26 years of age.

Q4. How much is Air India Discount available for Students?

25% off the introductory rate on various booking classes for travel in the Economy Cabin.

Q5. What is an accepted Student Id?

Suppose you have a student identification card that is still valid. In that case, it indicates that you are enrolled in classes at an educational institution, have paid your tuition, and are presently attending classes.

Q6. Does Air India provide a 50% Discount for Students?

Yes, on Deals Dekho by following the given ways you can get the Student Discount on Air India.

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Get More Info

Air India Student Offer 2024


Profit from Online Air India Reservations and Their Perks

Are you going on this trip for work or pleasure with your family? Don’t hold your breath any longer. Air India offers airline tickets at the industry’s most competitive pricing, which may save travelers significant money. Finding the most excellent possible airline ticket bargains may be challenging. Isn’t true?

Here is where the buried treasures in the form of cashback offers and promotional discounts are unearthed and brought to light. 

You may come across bargains such as Air India coupons for the monsoon or other deals in which you have offers such as specific cashback incentives on using HDFC credit cards to pay or access upfront discounts on domestic upgrades.

These types of deals can be found on many websites. These days, online merchants are coming up with the most attractive offers and bargains and constructing them in a manner that would benefit the most significant number of customers. Provide 24/7 Hours support to their customers.


Check to See Some of These Incredible Offers

Air India offers the majority of the most popular flights that clients want to take. If you are looking for a flight provider that provides the most excellent services before and during the journey, you have arrived at the appropriate location.

If you have an HDFC card, you are eligible for a chance to get a cash rebate of Rs 500. Students! Take advantage of the perks that come from the status of a student brings, such as more excellent luggage. You may get domestic flights for meager costs, and these flights will provide you with onboard amenities, a simple online check-in process, and up-to-date flight status information. 

If you have an HDFC card, you are eligible for a chance to get a cash rebate of Rs 500. Students!

What do you think about upgrading from economy to business class or from business class to first class for your next flight? Doesn’t it just sound incredible? You won’t have any trouble upgrading the airline tickets, and the fee will be meager.

The Maharajah Club on Air India provides several unique perks, such as the opportunity to earn bonus miles, a rise in the additional luggage allowance, and much more. Many more student discounts on Air India promotional codes may be used to get incredible savings.


Promotional Codes & Online Discounts for Air India Flights

Those individuals who believed that the only kind of sales accessible online are for commodities are in for a pleasant surprise. If you are a regular flyer with Air India, you can get some of the most competitive rates on your trip bookings.

You may utilize a service now while saving a certain amount of money if you take advantage of the many discounts, online deals, and promotional coupons. Many firms provide high-quality airline services and vacations, but the cost and travel duration might vary considerably.

It is the nature of any Air India Flight offer, deal, or package that can be found on the internet and grabbed by interested parties. These various offers made by Air India student discount are designed to attract new consumers while also providing advantages to the company’s current clientele.


Explore India with Air India and get discounts on all of your bookings

You may explore the globe at a reasonable price when you book with AirIndia since AirIndia makes upfront incentives for upgrades to local airports. Concession fares may be obtained inside India for Elderly Citizens, Young People, Students, Other Government Employees, and Military Personnel.

In addition to that, when you book your ticket with HDFC, they will provide you with exclusive bank discounts. Look at the coupons, offers, and deals that AirIndia has available if you still need to learn about the reductions that may be applied to your trip bookings via the company.

While looking to purchase flight tickets at the lowest possible cost, it is recommended that you also look at several of the most popular fare aggregator websites. When looking for low-cost flights, these websites provide a variety of alternatives to choose from. When buying a flight, the first name that springs to mind is Makemytrip, followed by Goibibo.

These businesses can provide you with the most competitive prices, which you may need help to receive from other sources. You can get an additional discount when purchasing flight tickets by using airline coupons.

You may get a very affordable rate on Air India if you book your travel from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai in advance. Spending around three hours traveling leisurely to reach your location would be best. There is flight availability from Ahmedabad to Newark, Aizawl to Kolkata, Amritsar to Birmingham, Bengaluru to Agatti, Bengaluru to Dubai, Muscat Pune, and San Francisco.

You should book these flights with Air India since they only depart once a day, and Air India is now offering competitive pricing for the purchase of airline tickets. You may reach out to Airindia offers to save more on travel expenditures, and you can save more on your ticket by taking advantage of the most recent offers and discounts that have been updated.

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Flying with Air India

About Air India Student Discount

Students interested in flying with Air India are eligible for various discounts and benefits. Students between the ages of 12 and 24 are eligible for a discount of 25% off of the essential cost while flying with the airline. In addition, students flying with Air India student discount are eligible to get a discount of 25% off the price of their additional luggage.

Passengers must provide a current student ID card issued by their educational institution to qualify for the student discount. At the time of check-in, you are required to produce the identification card. In addition, the student must provide evidence that they will be traveling forward or backward within the period the ticket is valid.

The student discount is not valid for travel during ban dates, often when travel is at its busiest, such as during the winter holidays and summer vacations. Tickets sold at a discount are subject to availability, and it’s possible that certain classes won’t be able to purchase them.

Students who fulfill the requirements for the Student Discount on Air India may save money on their flights. Students are only eligible for the discount if they prove they are enrolled in an officially recognized educational institution and have a current student ID.

Only flights booked via Air India are eligible for the discount, and only on domestic routes. For students to be eligible for the discount, their tickets must be purchased at least three days in advance.

When you purchase your plane ticket, there are a few possible drawbacks to consider, even though this may be an effective method to save money on excessive airline pricing. Students can easily take advantage of discounts on economy cabin class airline tickets applicable for one-way and return travel.

You should check into utilizing Air India’s student ticket purchasing service if you are a student who is interested in finding low-cost flights to the location of your choice. Students also get a Discount on Croma Store by getting the Croma student discount.

Must Follow

Terms and Conditions For Student Discount On Air India

To Avail of Student, Concession Must Follow the given Terms and Conditions.

  • The Frequent Flyer Program of Air India is a program that is intended to reward passengers who often fly on services provided by Air India, Star Alliance member airlines, its code-sharing partners, and other Carriers, as may be announced from time to time. The program was established in 2005.
  • This program is only open to individuals who want to participate in their own right. Individual enrollment is required (and not for organizations, small businesses, SMEs or travel agents, or commercial identities).
  • Participation in the program by an individual (from now on referred to as a Member) is subject to these Terms and Conditions, which Air India may change from time to time without notice. Participation in the program by a member is deemed to constitute acceptance by the member of such Terms and Conditions as they are amended from time to time.
  • The Terms and Conditions impact the rights that come with being a member of the Flying Returns Programme. Before a member may provide their Flying Returns membership number to Air India student discount or any other Program Partner, they must read these terms and conditions.
  • No sentence may be viewed in isolation since some clauses and others may be connected. When you provide your Flying Returns membership number to Air India or any other Programme Partner, it is understood that you have accepted these Terms and Conditions.

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Air India student baggage allowance

Air India provides a substantial student discount in the form of a fifty percent reduction in the Basic Fare for certain ticket classes in the Economy cabin. Students currently enrolled at an authorized university in India can use this offer. Presenting a current student ID is required to qualify for this price reduction.

Among the Air India family of airlines, Air India is regarded as the flagship carrier. It is considered the region’s most complete supplier of flight services and is renowned for the excellent quality of its airline services.

Air India Also provides Baggage Allowance to Students with Flight discounts.

Air India is one of the most well-liked airlines in India, and it comes highly suggested due to its cost-effective possibilities. Several Air India student discounts and coupons are often made accessible, which may be used for travel.

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There are several airlines, both local and international, that provide student discounts; however, the terms and conditions of these reductions might vary. A student enrolled in an educational program in India is eligible for a student discount under Air India’s Concessionary Fare program.

Students must be enrolled in a recognized educational institution linked to the Central or State Govt. Educational Board to be eligible for the indicated discount. Moreover, the student must be attending the institution on a full-time basis.

Air India knows that children often have obligations that need them to travel during school breaks and vacations. Because of this, the reputable airline discounts students for travel inside India between their hometown and their place of education while traveling between the two locations.

If you are a student who intends to travel back home during the celebrations, get your plane tickets as far in advance as possible.

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