Vistara Student Discount 2024, Get Flat 10% OFF On Flight Ticket Booking

Vistara Student Discount 2024, Get Flat 10% OFF On Flight Ticket Booking

Students are Eligible to Get a Vistara Student Discount 2024 after verifying their ID Card, Students save up to 10% On a Vistara flight Also Check the Free Ways to Get a Discount.

Students are the high fliers of the future, and it is an honor for us to do everything we can to help them realize their aspirations and become successful in the future.

When you purchase your flight directly with Vistara, you are eligible for the Vistara Student Discount, which gives you the chance to save up to 10% on the basic cost in addition to receiving an extra luggage allowance.

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Save up to 10% on the basic cost in addition to receiving an extra luggage allowance. Get OFF On Booking

The exciting thrill of flying may be yours if you take advantage of the Vistara Student Discount and book your tickets now.

When a student books their flight directly with Vistara via one of its digital channels, they are eligible for the Vistara Student offers, which entitles them to up to a 10% discount on the basic cost as well as extra luggage allowance.

Latest, Official, and Verified

Vistara Student Discount

Vistara Student Discount

Get a Flat 10% Discount
Students enjoy a discount of up to 10% on our base fares. Subject to mandatory ID verification. T&C apply

Vistara Special Offers 2024

Book Now – The Special Offers on Flights.
Grab Huge Discount on Domestic Flight In India.

Easy way to get

Best Ways To Get Vistara Student Discount 2024

Here are seven detailed ways to get student discounts at Vistara Airlines:

1. Vistara Student Discount Program:

Vistara Airlines has a dedicated student discount program called “Vistara Student Discount” which offers exclusive discounts on base fares for students aged 12 to 30 years. To avail of this discount, students need to register with Vistara Airlines using their valid student ID and get a unique student discount code.

This code can be used while booking flights online or through the Vistara mobile app to avail of the discount on the base fare of their ticket.

2. Group Booking:

Students can avail of student discounts on Vistara Airlines by booking flights in a group. Vistara Airlines offers special group booking discounts for students who are traveling in a group of 10 or more.

Students can contact Vistara Airlines customer care or visit the Vistara Airlines website to inquire about group booking discounts and make the booking accordingly.

3. Student Travel Packages:

Vistara Airlines offers specially curated student travel packages that include flights, accommodation, meals, and other perks at discounted rates.

Students can browse through the available travel packages on the Vistara Airlines website or contact customer care to inquire about such packages and avail of discounts on their overall travel expenses.

4. Vistara FlyPorter Program:

Vistara Airlines offers a loyalty program called “Vistara FlyPorter” that allows students to earn points on their flights and redeem them for discounts on future bookings.

Students can enroll in the FlyPorter program for free and earn points every time they book a flight with Vistara Airlines. These points can be later redeemed for discounts on flights, including student fares.

5. Promo Codes:

Vistara Airlines occasionally offers promo codes specifically for students, which can be used to avail of discounts on flight bookings. Students can keep an eye on Vistara Airlines‘ official website, social media handles, and newsletters for any promotional offers or codes for students.

These promo codes can be entered during the flight booking process to avail of the discounted fares.

6. Vistara Airlines Sale:

Vistara Airlines often hosts sales and offers discounted fares on their flights. Students can keep an eye on Vistara Airlines’ website, social media handles, and newsletters for any ongoing sales or offers.

During these sales, Vistara Airlines may offer special discounts for students on select flights or destinations, allowing them to book flights at discounted rates.

7. Student Travel Agencies:

Students can also avail of discounts on Vistara Airlines flights by booking through student travel agencies or travel portals that specialize in student travel.

These agencies may have negotiated special fares or discounts with Vistara Airlines for students. Students can search for such agencies online, compare the fares, and book flights at discounted rates through them.

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Discount for Indian

Vistara Airlines Student Discount in India 2024

Vistara Student Discount 2024, Get Flat 10% OFF On Flight Ticket Booking

Vistara, the Indian airline, offers a 10% discount on base fares to students who are enrolled in a full-time course of study at a recognized educational institution in India. This discount is available on Economy Class fares only and can be availed by students aged between 12 and 26 years.

To avail of the student discount, students need to provide a valid student ID card or a letter from their educational institution certifying their enrollment. The discount is available for bookings made through Vistara’s website, mobile app, or airport ticket offices.

Please note that terms and conditions apply to this discount, and it may not be available on all flights or during peak travel periods. It’s always best to check directly with Vistara or a travel agent for the latest information on discounts and fares.

Methods to get discount

Steps To Avail Student Discount Vistara

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to get the Vistara student discount in India:

Step 1: Visit the Vistara website or mobile app Visit the official Vistara website or download the Vistara mobile app on your smartphone. On the homepage, you can find the option to book a flight.

Step 2: Select travel dates and destination Choose your travel dates and destination for the trip. Make sure to select the “Economy Class” fare option for your booking.

Step 3: Select the number of passengers Select the number of passengers traveling, including the student. Enter the passenger details such as name, age, and contact information.

Step 4: Apply the student discount code On the payment page, select the “Promotion Code” option and choose “Student” from the dropdown menu. Enter the required details such as the student’s name, age, and the name of the educational institution.

Step 5: Provide documentation Provide the required documentation to verify that you are a student. This can be a valid student ID card or a letter from your educational institution certifying your enrollment. The document should clearly show your name, the name of the institution, and the duration of your course.

Step 6: Check the discount After entering the required information and documentation, the student discount will be applied automatically to the base fare. Check the final fare and make sure the discount has been applied correctly.

Step 7: Complete the payment process After confirming the discount, complete the payment process and confirm your booking.

Alternatively, you can also book your Vistara flight through a travel agent or Vistara ticket office and request the student discount at the time of booking. In this case, you will need to provide the necessary documentation to the agent or ticket office staff.

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Get Enroll yourself

Get Enrolled For Student Discount on Vistara 2024

Follow these given steps and Enroll for your Student Discount on Vistara.

  • To go to the Vistara Airlines Shop, you will first need to click on the button that says “Visit Store” or any Offer or Deal.
  • You are about to be transported to the website or app for Vistara Airlines.
  • After adding the necessary Vistara Airlines goods to your shopping basket, proceed to the Checkout page.
  • Vistara Airlines will give you a further discount if you use the coupon that you have, but if you take advantage of the bargain that is offering, the discount will already be taken care of for you.
  • Making a payment via Vistara Airlines will bring the transaction to a successful conclusion.
  • Before purchasing Vistara Airlines, you are kindly requested to read all of the Terms and Conditions linked with the Offer or Bargain.

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Common Related – Vistara Airline Student Discount 2024

Q1. Does Vistara provide a student discount?

That’s right. Discounts, promo codes, and exciting rewards are available on every flight booked with Vistara, India’s full-service airline.

Q2. How to activate the Vistara student discount?

Find a flight. Search for ‘Students’ under passenger(s) in the search widget.
Choose the discounted fare. The Student Fare option will appear on the search result page.
Details about the passenger should be added. Fill out the passenger details page to complete the booking with the student’s details.

Q3. What are the eligibility requirements for the Vistara Student Offer?

For traveling under this offer, a valid student Identification Proof (ID) must be presented at the time of check-in, as IDs will be checked.

Q4. How much Vistara Discount is available for Students?

The base fare within India can be discounted by 10% for students. The flight must be booked seven days in advance by students aged 12 or older.

Q5. What is an accepted Student ID?

It is a card that confirms your enrollment at a given college and your status as a student.

More about Vistara

About Vistara Airline Student Offers

About Vistara Student Discount

Singapore Airlines and Tata Sons Ltd. have partnered together to form a new airline called Vistara. The experience is exhilarating, just as the name would lead one to believe, and it does not become any better over time.

In addition to that, it is anticipated that during the next few years, this new airline will become one of the airlines that are requested the most. The primary objective of the partners in the joint venture, namely Tata Sons Ltd and Singapore Airlines, is to deliver the highest standard of service in the industry of air travel and establish themselves as the market leader in the provision of air travel services.

It has been possible for the firm to fulfill both its vision and its goal ever since the business was first established. It is working very hard to provide the finest service possible to its customers using a variety of Vistara discounts.

Students are eligible for a discount of 10% on their tickets with Vistara. It is offered to students who have reached the age of twelve at the very latest. Valid just for reservations that are booked via the Vistara website.

In addition, the complimentary check-in baggage restriction includes a maximum of 15 kilograms for Economy Standard, 20 kilograms for Economy Flexi, and 7 kilograms for Economy (Hand Baggage). The Vistara Student Discount does not apply to any of the following fare classes:

Economy Lite, Premium Economy, or Business Class. The offer is available to all users. You must make your reservation 15 days in advance to qualify for the discount. There is no need for a minimum amount to be spent in a transaction.

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Complete details for students

Vistara Student Offer and Discount Detail

Because to the fact that it is a full-service airline, Vistara can offer its customers a variety of extra perks. Every category of travelers, from those who work in corporations to those who attend colleges, may find something to their liking on Vistara.

The Vistara student discount package includes the following: If a passenger is traveling in the Economy class of Vistara and they are registered in a legitimate school or educational facility, they will get a 10% reduction of the basic cost.

In addition, students will get a free check-in luggage limit of 15 kilograms in economy standard cabins and 20 kilograms in economy Flexi cabins, in addition to a 7-kilogram allowance for carry-on baggage. Vistara is providing a special discount to students currently enrolled in educational institutions as part of its Student Discount offer.

This offer is designed to inadvertently promote tourism among the millennial demographic. Customers need to be aware that to take advantage of the student discount offer, they need to be enrolled in a legitimate educational establishment. In India, you will be eligible for the full range of incentives that are included in the offer.

For passengers to be eligible for the advantages of the Vistara Student offer, they must be above the age of 12 and possess valid identity evidence (ID) issued by their school or institution. This ID will be required throughout the check-in and boarding procedure.

Passengers need to be aware that the Vistara Student offer is not valid for reservations made under the Economy Lite ticket category, as well as bookings made under any Premium Economy or Business Class fare.

Vistara has made it clear that the only acceptable method for making reservations is via the company’s official website. Every additional stipulation and prerequisite will follow the ticket type.

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The Club Vistara Loyalty Program: A Universe of Rewards

Club Vistara is your in-flight reward partner, and we desire to make your voyage with us an experience you will never forget. We will do this by assisting you in the collection of points, the earning of bonus miles, and the delivery of bags of goods to you upon your return home.

Those who sign up for the club have the opportunity to accumulate points and then trade those points in for a variety of perks.


Bringing down the cost of flying while maintaining passenger satisfaction

Vistara has collaborated to lower the cost of air travel while simultaneously improving passenger amenities. As a result, the airline will now be able to provide discounted plane tickets to its most valued customers.

The incentives that Vistara has available are enticing, and they appeal to a significant number of people. It has accomplished this by providing its customers with discounts, along with the greatest deals and bargains that are accessible.

You, as a valued client, will not only be able to travel at a price that is within your budget, but you will also be eligible for some additional perks that are available to you with the Vistara airline coupons. With these coupons in hand, you may get a better deal on the taxi services provided by Myles.

Deals Dekho has a variety of interesting promotional deals from time to time, which is an interesting fact. Since every offer is only valid for a short time, you should make your reservation as soon as possible to avoid missing out on the bargain.

Holiday vacations with family may be more enjoyable thanks to the discounts that Air Vistara provides, in addition to the enjoyment of economical air travel and freebies on taxi services. You won’t be able to fully appreciate how accurate it is unless you take advantage of these offerings.


What Are Some Other Methods To Accumulate CV Points?

You may recommend others to earn points, and those points can be used for further savings on all of your airline tickets. If you tell your loved ones or close friends about Club Vistara, you’ll have the opportunity to earn up to one thousand additional CV points.

By the terms imposed by the organization, the Refer and Earn program limits each participant to a maximum of five successful member referrals. You also have the opportunity to earn 200 additional CV points for each successful referral of a member, and guess what??? Your acquaintance has the potential to rack up an enormous bonus of 500 points.

You have the opportunity to earn 200 additional CV points for each successful referral of a member


How Can I Get Even More Savings When Purchasing Airline Tickets With My Club Vistara Account?

Users of the Vistara mobile app and website get an additional 100 bonus points whenever they make a booking with Vistara. This benefit allows customers to save even more money on the cost of their airline tickets.

Apart from this, customers also can make payments using “a mix of Cash and Points,” which was rolled out just for Club Vistara members. So, what more could you possibly want at this point? The more points you have, the more money you may save on airline tickets.

Welcome Bonus Offer: If your first flight with Vistara is a success, you will be eligible to receive a Purple Ticket Gift Card in the amount of 500 bonus CV points. You will be able to use these points on your next flight purchases.

Tier Points for Vistara: There are four tiers in the Vistara program: CV Basic, CV Silver, CV Gold, and CV Platinum. After completing the registration process or becoming a member of the club, you will immediately advance to the position of CV Base.

You will be able to advance to higher levels of the Vistara loyalty program if you continue to travel with Vistara more often and accumulate more points, which will allow you to enjoy greater discounts on your airline tickets.

Follow the condition

Terms and conditions for Vistara Student Fare

To grab the Vistara student discount you need to agree with the given terms and conditions:

  • There will be a convenience fee assessed wherever it is applicable.
  • Only flight reservations made during the offer period will qualify for the discount.
  • This deal is applicable for reservations booked via any available booking channels.
  • These flights will be subject to the airline’s regulations, if any are relevant, in their entirety.
  • Flights and dates may be changed, however, passengers will be charged change fees and any applicable cost difference.
  • Name changes are not permitted under any circumstances.
  • A discount for children and infants, the ability to modify the date or flight, fees associated with getting a refund, a weekend surcharge, a blackout period, travel limitations, and/or flight restrictions may also be required by the fare regulation.
  • In the event of a partial or complete cancellation, the offer will be deemed null and invalid, and the discount will be reversed before any reimbursements are processed.


Vistara Student Discount on Flights 2024

Air Vistara is an online airline ticket booking service that enables you to book tickets in a way that is both extremely straightforward and highly cost-effective. You can find out more about this service here.

You may utilize their website to plan your trip by browsing a collection of travel information that is available on the website. Vistara student offers.

As was agreed upon, they will make every effort to locate for you the most convenient flights at the most reasonable pricing for your vacation, and they will provide you with the highest level of customer care that is humanly feasible. 

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