Uber Referral Code 2024, Get a Free Uber Ride, Also Earn Upto Rs5000 In India

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Get your First Ride For Free.

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Hey there, have you been looking to earn some extra cash or Uber credits in 2024? Using an Uber referral code is one of the easiest ways to do just that.

As an Uber rider, you likely take trips all the time to get where you need to go, so why not get rewarded for it? By sharing your own referral code with friends and family or entering someone else’s when signing up as a new rider, you’ll both get money or Uber credits to use on your next ride.

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It’s a win-win! In this article, we’ll walk you through exactly how to use an Uber Invite code to earn referral bonuses and other perks through the Uber app in 2024.

Whether you’re a new or existing Uber rider, these steps will help you maximize your rewards and start racking up the credits and cash. Time to get your ride on!

INFO – By using or Applying our Referral Code during the first signup into the Uber App Get Rs50 as a Bonus and 1st Ride FREE.

Uber Referral Code Post Summary:

No, of Referral Codes2 Codes
Joining BonusRs50
Refer and EarnEarn Rs5000
Code is Valid ForNew Users Only

Code Use and Get a Real Cash Bonus

Uber Referral Code 2024

Uber Invite Code

Get your First Ride For Free.
Create a New Account using the code and Get Rs50 as a Bonus.

So you’ve decided to give Uber a try in India. Smart move! First things first though, you’ll want to sign up using an Uber referral code. Here’s what you need to know:

Referral codes are made up of a series of numbers and letters, like “{referral_code}”. Don’t worry, the codes are unique to each new referral and won’t get mixed up. Some other things to know about Uber First Free Ride codes:

An Uber app referral code is a special code you enter when creating your Uber account. It will give you free ride credits to get you started. The person who gave you the code, like a friend or family member, also gets ride credits when you enter their code. It’s a win-win!

Using an Uber Invite code is the best way for new riders in India to start using Uber. You get to try the service for free and the person who referred you gets a little something too.

If any friends or family ask you about Uber, be sure to share your own referral code with them so you both can get free ride credits. It’s really that simple. Happy Ubering!

Apply by following the Given Steps

How to Use Referral Code On Uber

To use an Uber referral code and score some free or discounted rides, follow these steps:

  1. Step: Open the Uber app on your phone and tap ‘Sign Up’ or go to uber.com/invite and select ‘India’ from the list of countries.
  2. Step: Enter your phone number, email, password, and other details to create your account.
  3. Step: Look for the ‘Have a referral code?’ field. Enter {Referral_code} in That Input field.
  4. Step: Complete the signup process. The free ride credits from the referral code will automatically be added to your new Uber account.

Referral codes only work when you first sign up for a new Uber account. Unfortunately, you can’t apply them retroactively if you already have an account. But the good news is you’ll get your own referral code to share once you start using Uber.

Referral codes are a win-win because the person who refers you also gets account credits when you take those first rides. So ask around to friends and family and see if anyone already has an Uber account and would share their referral code with you. Paying it forward is what it’s all about!

So go ahead, download the Uber app, enter that referral code, and start enjoying the many benefits of this convenient service. The credits you earn can help reduce the cost of your rides, and you’ll feel good knowing you helped a friend earn some free travel as well. What’s not to love?

Questions and Answers

Common Queries: Uber App Referral Code

What exactly is an Uber referral code?

An Uber referral code is a unique code given to each Uber user to share with friends and family. When someone enters your referral code during their first Uber ride sign-up, they’ll receive free ride credit. You’ll also receive free ride credit when they take their first trip. It’s a win-win!

How do I use an Uber referral code?

Using an Uber app referral code is simple. Here are the steps:
1. Download the Uber app and create an account.
2. Enter the referral code in the “Enter promo code” field during signup. The referral code is {referral_code}.
3. Complete your profile and payment method setup.

Take your first Uber ride. The free ride credit will automatically be applied to your first trip.

Do the referral codes ever expire?

Yes, Uber referral codes typically expire 30 to 90 days after they’re issued. The exact expiration date will be listed within the Uber app. To maximize your free ride credits, be sure to sign up and take your first trip before the code expires. If it does expire, you’ll need to get a new referral code from your friend to claim the offer.

Can I use multiple referral codes?

No, you can only enter one referral code per new Uber account. Uber’s referral code program is meant to reward both new and existing customers, so entering multiple codes to claim extra benefits goes against their policy. You’re welcome to refer other friends to Uber to earn more free ride credits for yourself though!

How do I Get Uber First Ride Free?

Yes, you can get your first Uber ride for free by using our given Uber referral Code Above. Use and Get a Free ride and Bonus.

How to Check Uber Referral?

Open the Uber app, tap the menu icon, go to “Wallet” or “Payment,” and scroll down to “Promotions” or “Referrals” to view your Uber referral status and details.

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Get Some Extra Advantages

Benefits of Using Referral Code

1. Discounts on Future Rides

In addition to free ride credits, Uber also offers promo codes and discounts for existing users. Apply an Uber coupon code on your next ride to save up to 50%.

Some codes will give you a flat rate discount like Rs. 100 off, while others provide a percentage discount on your total fare. Look for the latest Uber promo codes on their website and app to save money on all your rides.

2. Free Rides for You and Your Friends

One of the best benefits of using an Uber referral code is scoring free ride credits. When someone uses your code for their first ride, you’ll earn ride credits worth Rs. 100-500.

When someone uses your code for their first ride, you’ll earn ride credits worth Rs. 100-500.

The more friends you refer, the more free rides you can earn. It’s a win-win – your friends get a discount on their first Uber trip and you get to ride for free.

3. Uber Provides you with 24/7 Service

Uber operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in most major cities. So whether you need a ride in the middle of the night or early in the morning, Uber has you covered. Their large network of drivers means you can usually get picked up within minutes of requesting a ride on the app.

Uber is a convenient way to get around town anytime, especially in areas where public transit options are limited during off-peak hours. Get Uber Support.

4. No Need to Exchange Cash

Paying for your Uber ride is convenient and cashless. Fares are automatically charged to the payment method you have on file, so there’s no need to exchange cash with your driver. All transactions are handled seamlessly through the app.

You’ll receive an itemized receipt via email with details of your trip including the fare breakdown, pickup and drop-off locations, distance traveled, and the driver details.

You Must Follow Each

Uber Referral Code Terms and Conditions

Before using an Uber referral code, it’s important to understand Uber’s terms and conditions. These govern how referrers and new users can use the service.

1. Referrer Eligibility

To be an Uber referrer, you must:

  • Be a legal resident of India
  • Be of legal age in your province or territory
  • Have only one Uber account

2. Services Covered

The referral code can only be used for:

  • UberX, UberPOOL, UberGO, Premier, UberTAXI, uberMOTO, and Uber Fleet rides in India.

3. Payment

  • Referral credits cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Credits expire 6 months after being issued if not used.

4. Disclaimers

Uber is not responsible for:

  • Lost or stolen referral codes
  • Technological issues preventing the use of a code
  • Changes to the referral program

Uber also reserves the right to disable any account for violating the terms and conditions.

5. Uber Liability

Uber is not liable for any losses or damages in connection with the referral program. This includes indirect, consequential, special, or punitive damages.

6. Uber Indemnity

By using an Uber Invite code, you agree to indemnify Uber from any third-party claims arising from your use of the code.

Uber referral program
The Uber referral program terms and conditions protect both referrers and new users. It’s important for anyone using a referral code to understand their responsibilities and Uber’s limitations to avoid issues. Reading the full terms and conditions on Uber’s website is the best way to ensure you use the referral program properly.

Ride Sharing and Scheduling App

About Uber App

Uber is a popular ride-sharing app that allows you to request and schedule rides with vetted drivers. Uber launched in India back in 2013, starting in Bengaluru, and has since expanded to over 80 cities across the country. Last year alone, Uber facilitated over 14 million rides a week in India!

Uber’s mobile app connects passengers (like you!) with available drivers in your area. You can see the driver’s details, photo, vehicle details, and location before requesting your ride.

About Uber App

Once you request a ride, your driver will come pick you up and take you to your destination. At the end of your trip, payment is automatically deducted from the payment method you have on file, so there’s no need to exchange cash or cards with your driver.

  • Low-cost option: UberGO is Uber’s most affordable ride option for those on a budget. Fares start at just ₹6/km.
  • Comfortable ride: Opt for UberPREMIER for a high-end sedan ride with additional legroom and plush leather seats. Fares start at ₹12/km.
  • Share your ride: With UberPOOL, you can share your ride and split the fare with another rider traveling in the same direction. Fares start at just ₹5/km.

Uber aims to provide safe, affordable, and convenient transportation to people in cities around the world. Their mobile app gives you more options to get around and allows for a streamlined experience from start to finish.

If you’re looking for an easy way to get around town without the hassle of driving and parking, give Uber a try! You can sign up and start riding today. Use the Uber Referral Code.


Final Lines: Uner Ride Referral Code 2024

Now that you have all the details on how to redeem your Uber referral code, you’re all set to earn some free rides and save money on your Uber trips next year.

Just remember to enter that code during your first Uber ride in 2024 and you’ll get instant credit for future trips. Referring your friends is also an easy way to rack up more Uber credits – who wouldn’t want a free ride?

Between the referral bonuses and promo codes, you’ll be riding in style without paying full price. So spread the word, share that code, and enjoy your Uber adventures in 2024! The road ahead is filled with savings if you make the most of these simple tricks.

Uber Referral Code 2024, Get a Free Uber Ride, Also Earn Upto Rs5000 In India
Uber Referral Code 2024, Get a Free Uber Ride, Also Earn Upto Rs5000 In India
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