Spotify Student Discount 2023 – Save 50% OFF on Spotify Music

Spotify Student Discount 2023 – Save 50% OFF on Spotify Music

Avail of Spotify Student Discount 2023 to get a maximum of 50% OFF on your favorite Music Platform, Best Chance for students who enjoy music, and Grab a fast Spotify Student Discount.

Spotify had previously declared that it would launch its music streaming service in India sometime in 2019 and that date was approaching quickly.

Are you excited to get a Huge Discount?

However, it has now come to pass, and those interested in subscribing to the service may do so by installing the application from the app stores for Android and Apple devices or by going to the website There are several valid reasons why people are becoming so excited about it.

Spotify offers a 50% discount on its Premium subscription to eligible students.

If you are a student, you may get the same thing at a lower price by fifty percent, which brings the monthly cost down to only fifty-nine rupees. To take advantage of this deal, only follow these instructions.

Create an ID for yourself on the mobile app or the website to get started. If you already have a Facebook account, you may use it to log in to Spotify; if not, you can opt to make a new account on Spotify instead. After providing your email address and password, you can continue.

You will be prompted to choose the music you like and the language you prefer.

Spotify Student Discount

It will be used to assist you in finding new songs to listen to. Once you’ve finished the setup process, Spotify will automatically search for music. It will bring you to the home page, where you’ll discover a selection of popular and trending songs to listen to.

Steps to Avail Student Discount at Spotify

To get a Spotify Student discount, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1 – Go to the Spotify Student page:

Visit the Spotify Student page ( and click on the “Get started” button.

Step 2 – Verify your eligibility:

You’ll be prompted to sign in to your SheerID account or create a new one. You’ll need to provide information about your school and your enrollment status.

Step 3 – Confirm your payment:

Once your eligibility has been verified, you’ll be asked to confirm your payment details. You’ll need to provide a valid credit or debit card.

Step 4 – Enjoy your discount:

Once you’ve completed the verification process and confirmed your payment, you’ll be able to enjoy your Spotify Student discount. The discount will apply to your next billing cycle.

Note: The Spotify Student discount is available to full-time students enrolled at accredited colleges or universities. The discount is valid for up to 4 years, but you’ll need to re-verify your eligibility every 12 months.

Student discount rate at Spotify

Student Discount at Spotify

Spotify offers a 50% discount on its Premium subscription to eligible students.

This means that instead of paying the standard monthly rate of $9.99 USD, eligible students can get the same Premium subscription for $4.99 USD per month.

  • the standard monthly rate of $9.99 USD
  • Premium subscription for $4.99 USD per month.

The student discount is available to full-time students enrolled in accredited colleges or universities, and it is valid for up to 4 years.

To qualify for the discount, students need to verify their enrollment status through SheerID or UNiDAYS, which are student verification services that partner with Spotify. Once verified, the discount will be applied to their next billing cycle.

Spotify Student Discount in India

Yes, Spotify does offer a student discount in India. Students who are currently enrolled at an accredited college or university in India can get a 50% discount on their Spotify Premium subscription. You can also Get Spotify Free Subscription.

In India can get a 50% discount on their Spotify Premium subscription.

To be eligible for the discount, students need to verify their enrollment status through SheerID. Once verified, the student discount will be applied to their next billing cycle.

It’s important to note that the discount is only valid for up to 12 months and will need to be renewed after that period.

The discounted price for students in India is INR 59 per month instead of the standard rate of INR 119 per month for the individual plan.

Countries where Spotify Offer Student Discounts

Spotify offers student discounts in several countries around the world. Here are some of the countries where Spotify provides student discounts with the discount percentage:

  • United States: 50% discount
  • United Kingdom: 50% discount
  • Canada: 50% discount
  • Australia: 50% discount
  • New Zealand: 50% discount
  • France: 50% discount
  • Germany: 50% discount
  • Ireland: 50% discount
  • Italy: 50% discount
  • Spain: 50% discount
  • Denmark: 50% discount
  • Austria: 50% discount
  • India: 50% discount

It’s important to note that the availability and discount percentage may vary by country and region, and students should check Spotify’s website for specific details and eligibility requirements.

get to know about Spotify

About Spotify Student Discount

If you are presently enrolled in an educational program, you are eligible for a significant discount on Spotify Premium. The service is the most widely used music streaming platform worldwide. It provides users access to millions of songs and various podcasts that are only available via the service.

About Spotify Student Discount

Spotify has music from more than 70 million artists, making it one of the most comprehensive music streaming services accessible. In addition, Spotify also provides users access to a wide variety of podcasts, many of which can only be found on the site itself.

As a result, Spotify will have something to listen to no matter what you’re in the mood for at any moment.

Students who meet the requirements may get one free month of Spotify Premium in the United States, after which they can continue their membership at a reduced rate of only $4.99 per month. It is a 50% discount off the regular monthly price of $9.99. This offer is valid for up to forty-eight months or until you are no longer considered a student at a qualifying institution.

You will not only have access to Spotify Premium, but you will also obtain a Hulu plan funded by advertisements (worth $5.99 per month) and a Showtime membership (worth $10.99 per month). In addition, you can access three different services and save $21.98 each month thanks to the student discount that Spotify offers.

Sadly, the student discount offered in the United Kingdom could be better. Students may obtain Spotify offers Premium for free for one month, after which they can continue their membership for £5.99 per month rather than the standard fee of £9.99 per month.

This price reduction will remain for up to forty-eight months or until you graduate from the program, whichever occurs first.

How to get enrolled in Spotify Student Discount?

How to get Spotify Student discount


Become a member of Spotify Premium

There are several advantages available to those who upgrade to the Premium account. For example, you can download music to listen to it offline, listen to music without being interrupted by advertisements, and even play music on several different devices.

Additionally, the audio quality has been improved. To become a member, choose “Join Premium” from the drop-down menu that appears when you hit the menu button on the top right of the screen or tap “Join Premium” directly.


Students should subscribe to Spotify Premium

Move your cursor down the page until you reach the Student section. Click on the link that says “Learn more,” then scroll down until you find the option “Get Premium.” It is where you make your choice about the plan.


Provide identifying information

You need to be sent to the page where you will be prompted to activate your student discount after completing the redirect. To subscribe as a student, you are required to submit some ID verification. SheerID is the name of the verification service that is used to do this.

After tapping the Next button, you will be prompted to provide information such as your name, e-mail address, and country. You will also be required to provide the name of the school you attend for higher education.

Next, you may be required to provide three different papers as verification. All of the information is shown on that screen. According to Spotify, these may include a class schedule, a transcript, a receipt for registration or payment, a letter of enrollment, etc.


Finalize the payment

After this has been taken care of, you can make the payment. It may be accomplished via a PayTM account, a UPI transaction, or a credit card. As soon as this is finished, you will be able to dive into the premium features that Spotify has to offer.

Since you are now subscribed to Spotify Premium, you can take advantage of the higher audio quality available. Unfortunately, those low-end headphones won’t cut it, and there is a wide selection of earphones and even Bluetooth speakers that you may consider using instead.

Only then will you be able to appreciate the difference in audio quality that Spotify offers?

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Other Ways to Get Spotify Student offer

It could be more enjoyable having to pay subscription fees on top of tuition and the myriad of additional costs associated with being a student. Thankfully, many subscription services provide students with discounts and other perks, like Spotify’s student discount.

With a special student discount, Spotify Premium Student is available for users of one of the most popular music streaming services. Let’s talk about the Spotify student discount and how students can take advantage of it.

Regarding Spotify

Spotify is a well-known music streaming service that was established in 2006. On this platform, users may play songs and other material on-demand from some of the most famous musicians worldwide. In addition, Spotify, which is in direct rivalry with other streaming services such as Apple Music, allows users to listen to individual songs, albums, curated playlists, and podcasts.

A free version of Spotify is available for those who do not want to subscribe to the paid version of the service offered by Spotify. If you use the free service, you can still play your favorite songs and create playlists; however, the sound quality will be worse, and the capabilities will be more restricted.

For instance, you will not be able to request particular songs using linked Google Home or Amazon Echo devices.

Additionally, the free service only allows you to listen to most playlists and albums in shuffle mode, which means you cannot select specific tracks to play. Your experience will be interrupted by an ad now and then, which could be better for creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a house party.

Sales, discounts, and promotions available on Spotify

Spotify often runs sales and promotions that allow users to save money by taking advantage of longer free trials and reduced rates for paid memberships. After receiving your diploma and no longer eligible for the student discount, you should keep an eye out for opportunities such as these.

Unfortunately, because free trials are often only made available to new customers, you won’t be able to request one by using an email address that you’ve already used to register for the site in the past.

How Does Spotify Confirm That a User Is Enrolled in School?

SheerID is the name of the identity verification service that Spotify utilizes to determine whether or not you are genuinely registered at the location you claim to be enrolled at. It is the same service that Amazon uses, the New York Times, Nike, and many other well-known brands and companies.

If you have previously registered for a student discount with Amazon, then you are all set to take advantage of the discount offered by Spotify.

You are given the option to add supporting evidence if SheerID is unable to perform an automated verification of your enrolment. However, you must scan your student ID for this procedure to operate correctly.

Alternatively, you will need to ensure that you have access to papers such as your current class schedule or an official enrollment letter if you have yet to begin school.

Terms and conditions for Spotify Student Discount

You may either pay for your membership or give one as a gift to someone else. You agree to the following terms by making use of a Spotify Gift Card, eGift Card, eCard, Premium Code, or PIN (collectively referred to as the “Card”):

1. The “Spotify Terms of Use” may be accessed at These General Terms and Conditions for Cards also include End User Agreements. The Terms and Conditions for Spotify Users may include provisions on the collection and use of personal data, as well as their general provision depending on the services that Spotify provides, choice of law, mandatory arbitration (where applicable), and location.

2. The card may only be used to pay the full monthly fee of individual premium membership; it cannot be combined with other payment methods or used to purchase discounted or bulk subscriptions (such as student discounts, test offers, the premium for families or premium offers with products and services from other companies).

3. The card cannot be returned for a refund or resold, nor can it be redeemed for cash or the remaining amount (unless required by law).

4. To redeem the card, you need to either already have a Spotify account in the country where you made the purchase or register for one. To make use of a Spotify account.

5. Redeem your card by going to on your web browser.

6. The card must be used within a year of the purchase date to be valid. After then, the Personal Identification Number (PIN) will become invalid, and the card will no longer be used for transactions.

7. You are only allowed a single use of the card. At the time of redemption, the whole face value associated with a single account will be withdrawn, and gradual saving or credit reduction is not authorized.

8. Spotify and any of its directors, shareholders, employees, agents, directors, subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, agents, suppliers, or licensors shall not be held accountable for any loss or damage that may occur as a consequence of the unauthorized use of stolen or fraudulent cards.

9. If the terms and conditions of cards are inconsistent with or contradict the terms and conditions displayed on a card, then these terms and conditions will take priority.


Conclusion – Student Discount on Spotify

Spotify Student Discount

You can get a premium Spotify subscription via the student discount that Spotify offers, and it will cost you around half as much as it does for everyone else.

It implies that you will have access to all of the millions of songs stored in Spotify’s collection, that you will be able to listen to music without being interrupted by advertisements, and that you will have the option to listen to music without an internet connection.

Spotify is a music streaming service that offers an extensive music library, a reliable recommendation engine, music from specific regions, and excellent device compatibility.

The premium membership comes with additional perks, including audio of better quality, and it has been released for Rs. 119 per month. Payment plans are also available for three, six, and twelve months.

Depending on the promotions that are currently running, the Spotify student discount may also give you other perks, such as free membership to Hulu or Showtime, at no additional cost to you.

FAQs – Spotify Student Discount Offer 2023

Q1. Does Spotify provide a student discount?

For the first month, you will be able to try it free, then you will be able to enjoy 50% off during your university course.

Q2. How to activate the Spotify student discount?

The Student section can be found at the bottom of the page. You’ll find the ‘Get Premium’ button after you tap on ‘Learn more’. Choosing a plan is done here.

Q3. What are the eligibility requirements for Spotify Student Offer?

If you’re over 18 and attending a college or university accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Higher Education, then yes. Premium Student is available for up to four years.

Q4. How much Spotify Discount is available for Students?

One-time plans from ₹66 when you’re in school. Higher education students can only take advantage of the offer if they attend an accredited institution. This offer is subject to terms and conditions.

Q5. What is an accepted Student Id?

Students’ IDs (short for identification) are also called student URNs (unique reference numbers) and confirm their enrollment at their university of choice.

Q6. Who submitted a student discount card application?

The only thing you need to show in-store is your student ID card. Student discount services such as Unidays and Student Beans may be required for online shopping. Student status is verified by these sites for retailers. At checkout, a unique discount code should be provided to you.

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