Oyo Referral Code 2024, Get Rs 1500 Bonus On Sing-up With Additional Offers

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Use the Code on sign-up to receive a bonus and discount on the First stay.

Using Code Instant get Rs1500 As a Sing-up Bonus.

Book an OYO Room at a Discount, a FIrst-time Sing-up Use Our Given Oyo referral Code instant to get Rs 1500 as a Sing-up for new users, and also get a huge Discount on the Oyo App referral code.

Hey there! Have you heard about Oyo, the budget-friendly hotel chain that’s taking India by storm? If not, you’re in for a treat. Oyo lets you book stylish yet affordable rooms all over India, with spotless amenities and friendly service.

The best part is you can save even more money by using an Oyo room referral code. My code, {referral_code}, will get you Rs.500 off your first stay. All you have to do is enter the code when you book on Oyo’s website or app.

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The Rs.500 discount will automatically be applied, so you can explore exciting cities like Delhi, Mumbai, or Bangalore without breaking the bank. Oyo takes the hassle out of travel by ensuring high standards at low prices. And with my referral code, your first stay can be nearly free.

Get Rs.500 off your first stay, So go ahead, plan your next getaway, and use code {referral_code} to save big on your booking. Oyo awaits – happy travels!

OYO Referral Code Post Summary:

No, of Referral Codes1 Codes
Sing-up BonusRs 500
Refer and EarnEarn 2500 Rupee
Code is Valid ForNew Users Only

Recieved a Bonus using Code

Oyo Referral App Code 2024

OYO Invite Code for New Users

Use the Code on sign-up to receive a bonus and discount on the First stay.
Using Code Instant get Rs 500 As a Bonus.

An Oyo referral code is a unique code that you can share with friends and family to earn rewards like discounts and credits. When someone uses your referral code to book their first stay, you’ll both get money off your next booking. It’s a win-win!

Using an Oyo room referral code is an easy way to save on your travel costs while also helping out a friend or family member. And who doesn’t want to save on hotel costs, especially when traveling on a budget?

So next time you need a place to stay, be sure to ask if there’s a referral code you can use. Your wallet will thank you!

using referral code
To use a referral code, just enter it in the “Referral Code” field during the Oyo signup process. Once the new account is opened, the points will be deposited directly into both of your Oyo accounts. The more people you refer, the more points you can earn.

Referral codes are an easy way for all Oyo members to pad their rewards balance and allow new members to gain an extra bonus when first getting started.

Spread the word about Oyo and share your referral code on social media or directly with friends and family. The points will add up quickly and before you know it, you’ll have enough for a gift card to your favorite store or restaurant.

Using referral codes is a win-win for everyone involved. What are you waiting for? Sign up, share your code, and let the rewards roll in!

Steps to Enter Code and Get Benefits

How to Apply Referral Code In Oyo

To score up to Rs. 500 in your Oyo wallet for your next stay, sign up using the referral code {referral_code}. Here’s how:

  1. Download the Oyo Room app on your phone and open it. Tap the menu icon in the top left corner and select ‘Refer and Earn’.
  2. Enter the referral code {referral_code} in the space provided. This code gives new users Rs. 500 off their first booking.
  3. Create your Oyo account by entering your email address, password, and basic details. Use the same email that you gave when entering the referral code.
  4. Once you’ve signed up, the Rs. 500 will automatically be applied to your Oyo wallet. You’ll see the balance reflected in the app.
  5. Use the money in your Oyo wallet to pay for part or all of your first stay. The more you refer friends and family, the more you can earn in your wallet! Use the Oyo Referral Code.

With these easy steps, you’ll be on your way to scoring major savings on Oyo stays. Why pay full price when you can get so much off just for trying their service? Give the gift of travel to friends by sharing your referral code on social media or via text. The more people use it, the bigger the discount in your wallet.

Take a well-deserved vacation and let the referral bonuses pay your way. Enjoy your stay with Oyoroom – at a fraction of the regular cost! Sign up now using the code {referral_code} to start saving.

Answers to your Questions

Common Queries: Oyo Room Referral Code

What is an Oyo referral code?

An Oyo referral code is a unique code given to existing Oyo members to share with friends and family. When someone uses your referral code to sign up for Oyo, you’ll both get rewarded! As the referrer, you’ll earn Oyo coins that can be redeemed for hotel stays. The new member will also get a sign-up bonus. It’s a win-win!

Where do I find my Oyo referral code?

Your Oyo referral code can be found in the Oyo app under the “Refer and Earn” or “Share and Earn” section. Tap that to view your unique referral code. You’ll want to share this code with as many people as possible to maximize your earning potential.

How do people use my Oyo referral code?

Sharing your Oyo referral code is easy. You can share it directly through the Oyo app via text, email, or social media. You can also share it in person by giving someone the actual code or a referral card with the code.

To use your code, the new member just needs to enter it when signing up for a new Oyo account. As soon as their account is activated, you’ll both get the reward!

Can I earn additional referral bonuses?

Yes, Oyo frequently runs special referral promotions that allow you to earn even more when you refer new members. Be on the lookout for these special offers in the Oyo app!

Using referral codes is an easy way for all Oyo members to earn rewards and save on travel. Be sure to share your code widely and encourage new members to use a referral code when they sign up. The more people use codes, the more everyone benefits!

How Can I Get a Rs 500 OYO Bonus?

You can definitely get Rs 500 as a sign-up bonus on Oyo by using our given referral code, and enter during the sign-up process.

How to Enter Referral Code in Oyo?

To enter a referral code in the OYO app, sign up or log in to your account. Then, navigate to the “Referral” or “Invite Friends” section and enter the referral code you received. Apply the code, and you may be eligible for referral benefits such as discounts on future bookings.

Get extra with our code

Benefits of Using the Oyo Invite Code

Using an Oyo referral code when booking your next stay provides some nice perks for you and the person who referred you. Here are a few of the key benefits:

1. Discounts on your booking

The main benefit of entering an Oyo referral code is scoring a discount on your reservation. Oyo frequently runs promotions offering 10-30% off for new customers using a referral code. Take advantage of these deals and save some cash on your next trip.

2. Share the love of travel

There’s something satisfying about referring friends to a service you enjoy using yourself. By sharing your Oyo room referral code, you’re recommending Oyo as a booking platform and helping your friends discover options for affordable travel and accommodations.

3. Give to get

By sharing your own referral code with friends and family, you set yourself up to earn rewards each time they book. Most people are happy to use a referral code if it means saving money on travel.

Provide your code via text, email, or by sharing on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. That is how you can use Referral Code Oyo.

4. Earn Oyo Money

For each friend you refer who books with your code, you’ll receive Oyo Money in your account. Oyo Money can then be used to pay for part of a future booking or redeemed for gift cards to various retailers.

The amount of Oyo Money you earn will depend on the current promotion, but will typically be a percentage of your friend’s booking amount.

And of course, the more people book using your code, the bigger the perks for you!

Using referral codes is an easy way to discover deals and discounts with Oyo. See if any friends have a code to share for your next booking, and be sure to spread your own code around to start earning rewards and helping others save. The benefits of using Oyo referral codes are worth sharing.

Online Hotel Booking Site

About OYO Site

About OYO Site

OYO is India’s largest hotel network, offering standardized rooms at affordable prices. Founded in 2013, OYO now operates over 10,000 hotels and 450,000 rooms in 800 cities across 80 countries.

OYO aims to provide a convenient, dependable, and affordable stay for business and leisure travelers alike. Through the OYO mobile app and website, you can easily book clean and spacious rooms with Wi-Fi, air conditioning, television, and complimentary breakfast starting at just ₹800-1500 per night.

  • OYO hotels meet strict criteria for room size, amenities, hygiene, and customer service. So you can rest assured any OYO property will offer a comfortable stay.
  • OYO uses technology and data to optimize every part of the hotel experience – from booking to check-in to room service. This allows them to improve quality, reduce operating costs and pass on savings to customers in the form of great value pricing.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly lodging for your next trip, give OYO Room a try. Use the OYO mobile app or visit OYO’s website to find deals, read reviews from fellow travelers, and book your stay. And be sure to enter referral code {referral_code} when Signing up to save on your first stay.

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Conditions that you Follow while entering Code

Terms and Conditions For Referral Codes

When using an Oyo referral code, there are a few terms and conditions to keep in mind. As with any promotion, Oyo wants to prevent fraud and ensure its referral program benefits loyal customers and their friends.

1. Referral Credits May Take Time To Apply

Don’t worry if your referral credits don’t appear in your Oyo account right away. It can take up to 14 days for the credits to be applied after your friend completes their first stay.

As long as your friend booked using your unique referral code, the credits should appear in your account within 2 weeks. If it’s been longer than that, contact Oyo customer service to inquire about the status of your credits.

2. Referral Codes Can Only Be Used Once

Each unique referral code can only be applied to one new Oyo booking. Referral codes are tied to the email address used to create the booking, so using the same code for multiple bookings will not work. Oyo regularly monitors their referral program for fraud and suspicious activity.

3. Referral Credits Expire After 12 Months

Once your referral credits have been applied to your Oyo account, you have 12 months to use them before they expire. Apply the credits to an upcoming trip within the year to maximize the value.

You have 12 months to use them before they expire

Credits cannot be redeemed for cash, so using them for travel is the only way to benefit from a referral.

4. Additional Terms May Apply

Oyo reserves the right to modify or cancel its referral program at any time. They may also change the referral credit amounts, expiration dates, and other terms on short notice.

The referral program and its terms are subject to the complete Oyo user agreement and privacy policy. Participation in the referral program constitutes your agreement to all Oyo policies and terms of service.

By following the guidelines and understanding the terms, you can feel confident sharing your Oyo referral code with friends and earning travel credits. But be sure to check back on Oyo’s website regularly for any updates to the program details or terms and conditions.

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Final Overview

Final Line: Oyo Referral Code for New Users 2024

Well there you have it, everything you need to know to use my Oyo referral code and get rewards for yourself and me. Signing up for Oyo is free and using my referral code costs you nothing but gets us both some nice perks.

So take a few minutes to download the Oyo app or go to their website, enter the code, and get started booking your next stay. Before you know it you’ll be earning free nights and other rewards and wondering why you didn’t do this sooner.

So go ahead, use the code, treat yourself to a little getaway, and enjoy the rewards of being an Oyo member. You deserve it!

Oyo Referral Code 2024, Get Rs 1500 Bonus On Sing-up With Additional Offers
Oyo Referral Code 2024, Get Rs 1500 Bonus On Sing-up With Additional Offers
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