Ludo Apps Referral Code 2024, Sing-up and Earn Bonus Upto 10,000

Ludo Referral Code

Top 5 + Ludo Apps that actually pay you a real cash bonus on joining or registration, Also a Chance to Win Huge Rewards and Prizes using Ludo App Referral Code.

Hey there, looking to earn some extra cash while playing games on your phone? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up the top 5 Ludo fantasy apps that actually pay you real money when you play and refer friends.

What You Get in This Article:

  • Top Kown Ludo Gaming Apps
  • Ludo Gaming Apps Invite Code
  • How do you use the Ludo App Referral Code?

These apps are fun, addictive, and can earn you enough for a coffee or two each month. The more you play and refer other players, the more you can make.

INFO – Get a Bonus on your Join Given App Range between Rs 10 to Rs 50

Why not get paid for doing something you already enjoy? Read on to discover which Ludo fantasy apps made our list and how to maximize your earnings with referral codes. Time to start winning cash instead of just bragging rights!

Ludo Gaming Apps Referral Code Post Summary:

No. Referral Codes on Apps1 to 3 Codes
Bonus Range Rs 10 to Rs 50
Refer and EarnEarn Rs 5000
Code is Valid ForNew Users Only

Lundo playing Gaming App

What is a Ludo Earning app

So, what exactly is a Ludo earning app? Basically, it’s an app that pays you to play Ludo. I know, it sounds too good to be true, but these apps actually exist and people are making money from them.

The way it works is pretty simple. You download the app, create an account, and start playing Ludo matches.

For every match you play, you’ll earn in-app coins or points. Once you’ve accumulated enough, you can redeem them for real cash, gift cards, or other prizes.

Referral, Play, and Earn

Top Ludo Apps Referral Code 2024


Ludo Ninja Referral Code

Ludo Ninja

No Dice Needed

Ludo Ninja is a dice-less version of the classic Ludo board game, allowing players to strategize their moves without relying on the roll of the dice. The game is developed by Team Ludo Ninja and is available for download on Android devices.

Earn Real Money

Ludo Ninja also offers the opportunity to earn real money while playing the game online. Players can participate in daily tournaments and challenges to win cash prizes. The more you play, the more you can earn. Players get rewarded for inviting friends to join the game as well.

Simple Gameplay

The gameplay in Ludo Ninja is simple to pick up but difficult to master. Players take turns moving their tokens from the starting point and navigating them around the board. The goal is to get all four of your tokens into the center home base before the other players. You can bump opponent tokens off the board to set them back. The first player to get all their tokens home wins!

What is a Ludo Ninja referral code?

A referral code is a unique code assigned to each player that you can share with friends and family to earn rewards. When someone enters your referral code during signup, you’ll both get bonus coins added to your accounts. The more people who enter your code, the more coins you’ll earn!

How to Use Referral Code on Ludo Ninja?

  1. Download the Ludo Ninja app on your device.
  2. Tap “Sign Up” to create a new account.
  3. Enter the {referral_Code} in the “Referral Code” field.
  4. Complete the rest of the signup process by entering your name, email address, and password.
  5. Once your account is created, the bonus coins will automatically be added to your account balance. You can then use these coins to play games, enter contests, and win real cash prizes.


Ludo Empire Referral Code

Ludo Empire

Fast, Fair, and Fun

Ludo Empire is optimized for faster and smoother gameplay so you can enjoy an uninterrupted Ludo experience. Matches start quickly and the interface is responsive, allowing for seamless gameplay on the go.

The game mechanics have been certified as fair by RNG, an independent auditor, so you can trust that the dice rolls and other chance events in the game are truly random and unbiased.

Classic Gameplay

Ludo Empire offers the classic Ludo board game experience you know and love. The rules are simple but the gameplay is fun and exciting, especially when playing against friends.

Challenge opponents from around the world or play privately with friends and family. Customize your game by selecting different boards and game modes to keep things interesting.

Ludo Empire brings this beloved board game into the digital age, with an app that is fast, fair, fun, and safe. Play on the go or at home for an authentic Ludo experience you can trust. Challenge your skills and luck as you race your tokens around the board, hoping to be the first player to get all of their pieces home.

What Is Ludo Empire Referral Code?

The Ludo Empire referral code is your key to earning extra cash and rewards in the game. When you share your unique referral code with friends and they use it to sign up, you’ll both get bonuses added to your in-game wallets.

How to Use Referral Code on Ludo Empire

  • For each new player who enters your referral code during signup, you’ll receive Rs.10 added to your Ludo Empire wallet.
  • The new player who uses your referral code will also get Rs.10 added to their wallet as a welcome bonus.


  • Your referral code is {referal_code}. Share this code with as many new players as possible to maximize your earnings.
  • You can find your referral code in the “Invite Friends” section of the Ludo Empire app. Share it on social media, message friends directly, or even share it in Ludo Empire fan groups and forums.

The more people who enter your Ludo Empire referral code, the more money you’ll make. This is an easy way to earn extra cash and rewards without spending any of your own money. Keep promoting your code regularly to new players to keep the bonuses coming in.


Ludo Fantasy Referral Code

Ludo Fantasy is one of the top gaming apps to earn real cash. This multiplayer game lets you play live with friends and family, right from your phone.

Ludo Fantasy

Ludo Fantasy is super easy to use. You don’t need any special skills to get started, just download the app for free and create an account. The classic Ludo board game comes to life, but now you can win real money with every roll of the dice!

  • When you first sign up, you get bonus coins to start playing right away. You can then earn more coins just by playing or purchasing additional coins if you want.
  • Coins are used to join cash games and tournaments. The more coins you bet, the bigger the potential winnings. Some games have guaranteed prize pools of up to ₹50,000!
  • Speaking of winnings, Ludo Fantasy offers instant withdrawals. As soon as you win a game, your winnings are credited to your account. You can then transfer the money directly to your bank account whenever you want.

Ludo Fantasy also has a generous referral program. When you refer friends to the app, you both get bonus coins to play with. The more friends you refer, the more free coins you earn.

Whether you’re looking to win big in a tournament or just play a few casual games with friends, Ludo Fantasy brings all the fun of Ludo straight to your mobile device, along with the opportunity to win real cash. Download the app and start rolling the dice today!

How to Use Ludo Fantasy Referral Code 2024

When signing up for Ludo Fantasy, use the referral code “abc123” to earn extra cash bonuses.

Here’s how it works:

  • Enter the referral code {referal_code} in the “Referral Code” field on the signup page.
  • Complete the signup process by entering your personal details and payment info.
  • Once your account is activated, you’ll receive an instant bonus of Rs. 25 added to your Ludo Fantasy wallet.

Referral codes are a great way for Ludo Fantasy to reward loyal players and gain new users. By sharing your unique referral code, you’re helping them build their player base while putting some extra cash in your pocket. The more people you get to sign up, the more money you can earn to use on Ludo Fantasy games and tournaments.

So spread the word about Ludo Fantasy to your friends and family and have them use your referral code {referral_code} when they create their account. You’ll all get to enjoy the excitement of playing Ludo for real money, and you’ll get rewarded for helping Ludo Fantasy grow. It’s a win-win!


Ludo Supreme Gold Referral Code

Easy Withdrawals

Ludo Supreme Gold makes it simple to withdraw your winnings. Once you’ve earned at least ₹50, you can withdraw your money directly to your bank account, Paytm, or PayPal. Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours, so you’ll have your cash in hand right away. The site uses secure encryption to protect your personal information and money, so you can feel confident playing and withdrawing from Ludo Supreme Gold.

Amazing Graphics

While Ludo King may have better graphics, Ludo Supreme Gold is no slouch. The game features colorful, vibrant graphics that bring the game board to life. The pieces are fun and whimsical, and the dice roll and move smoothly across the board. The overall look and feel of the game are polished and professional. For players who enjoy visually appealing games, Ludo Supreme Gold hits the mark.

Secure and Fair

Ludo Supreme Gold uses state-of-the-art security to ensure fair play and protect players. The site is encrypted and uses verified random number generation for dice rolls and other chance events in the game. Your personal information and winnings are kept private and secure at all times.

Ludo Supreme Gold is licensed and regulated to operate legally in India, so you can feel confident playing on their platform.

The amazing graphics, generous refer and earn program, fast withdrawals, and secure platform make Ludo Supreme Gold a top choice for earning money playing Ludo online. Give the app a try and start winning today!

What is the Referral code for Ludo Supreme Gold?

So you’ve downloaded Ludo Supreme Gold and are ready to start earning some cash. The first thing you’ll want to do is enter a referral code. Referral codes allow you to earn extra coins when friends sign up using your code.

How to Use Referral Code on Ludo Supreme Gold

To enter a referral code in Ludo Supreme Gold, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Ludo Supreme Gold app on your phone.
  2. Tap the menu icon in the top left corner. This will open the side menu.
  3. Select “Refer and Earn” from the side menu. This will take you to the Refer and Earn screen.
  4. On the Refer and Earn screen, enter the referral code “{referal_code}” in the box at the top.
  5. Tap “Submit”. Your referral code is now active! You’ll earn 10₹ Instantly.

Now it’s time to start sharing your code. The more friends who enter your referral code, the more coins you’ll earn. Here are some ways to share your Ludo Supreme Gold referral code:


Ludo League Referral Code

Ludo League is one of the top-earning Ludo apps. It allows users to play Ludo with online players for real money. When you sign up, Ludo League offers Rs.20 cash which you can use to challenge other players.

  • Challenge other players for cash and win real money. The more you play, the more you can earn.
  • Refer friends to earn Rs.10 for each friend who signs up and plays. The more friends you refer, the more money you’ll make.
  • Daily free spins and scratch cards give you a chance to win bonus cash without even playing a game.

Ludo League makes it easy to generate extra income in your free time. Play a few games on your commute to work or while waiting in line at the store. The money you win gets deposited directly into your Paytm wallet so you can spend it instantly.

What Is Ludo League Referral Code?

To earn extra coins in Ludo League, use a referral code when signing up for an account. A referral code is a unique code that gives you and the person who referred you bonus rewards.

Using referral codes is an easy way to gain extra coins and unlock more levels and features in Ludo League. Be sure to use a code when first installing the app to maximize your bonuses, and check with friends to exchange referral codes and earn together. The more people you refer, the bigger your bonus will be!

Earn more coins by referring your friends! Share your own unique referral code with them so you both can get rewards.

How to Use Referral Code on Ludo League

When you first install Ludo League, you’ll be prompted to either log in with an existing account or sign up for a new account. To use a referral code, select “Sign Up” and enter the code “{referal_code}” in the referral code field. This code will give you an extra ₹25 to start, and the person who referred you will also get a bonus.

  • Make sure to enter the code exactly as shown, with no spaces. Referral codes are case-sensitive.
  • You must enter the referral code when first signing up for an account. You cannot add a referral code to an existing account.
  • Referral codes can only be used once per account. You cannot reuse the same code multiple times.

Freqently Ask Question

Common Queries: Ludo Earning Apps Referral Code

Are ludo-earning apps legal in India?

Yes, ludo-earning apps are legal in India. These apps allow you to play Ludo and other games to earn real money or cash prizes. As long as the apps operate legally and transparently, they are allowed under Indian law. Many popular ludo-earning apps are licensed and regulated.

Can you withdraw your winnings immediately on Ludo earning apps?

This depends on the specific app. Some ludo earning apps allow you to withdraw your winnings instantly via payment methods like Paytm or bank transfer. However, other apps may have a minimum withdrawal amount or require you to wait a certain number of days before withdrawing.

The withdrawal terms and conditions will vary between different ludo earning apps, so check the details for your preferred app.

Do ludo-earning apps really pay out?

Legitimate and licensed ludo-earning apps do pay out real money and prizes. However, there are some scam apps that claim to pay out but actually do not. To avoid scam apps, check reviews from other players, look for transparency in the app’s terms and conditions, and be wary of apps that seem too good to be true. Reputable ludo-earning apps will clearly state their payout rates, payment methods, and withdrawal terms.

How much money can you earn on Ludo earning apps?

How much you can earn depends on several factors, including:
Your skill level: More skilled players typically earn more.
Time spent playing: The more you play, the more you can earn.
Cash games vs. tournaments: Cash games often have higher payouts but more risk, while tournaments typically have lower payouts but less risk.
Payout rates: Some apps offer higher payout rates and jackpots than others. The payout rates will determine your potential earnings.


Wrap-Up: Top Ludu Fantasy App Referral Code 2024

So, there you have it, the top 5 Ludo fantasy apps to earn real cash. Download them, play them, refer your friends, and start building your bankroll. Who knows, with a little luck and skill you could end up with some decent winnings to treat yourself to something nice.

And the best part is, it’s all just for playing a game you already know and love. So get to it! Round up the crew, rack up those referrals, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Time to get your Ludo on and see if you’ve got the chops to dominate the tables. Good luck!

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