Audible Student Discount 2023, Student Get Upto 30% OFF

Audible Student Discount

Get Students can 30% OFF on Audible, with the Audible Student Discount membership 2023, Also Start the 30 Days free trial, we Also listed the 5 Ways to get a Student Discount on Audible.

Where have you been hiding if you have not heard of the audiobook subscription service Audible? Audible is a subscription service for audiobooks that provides you with tales that resonate with you and offers hundreds of titles that you can listen to whenever you choose, regardless of where you are.

When you sign up for the service, you’ll get one credit every month, giving you access to any game you choose. In addition, you will have the opportunity to listen offline without incurring any additional fees, and you will get discounts of up to 80% off of some titles.

Even if you decide to terminate your membership, you won’t lose access to any previously downloaded audiobooks. You may listen to as many episodes of Audible Original Podcasts as you like without worrying about running out of credits if you have an active Audible membership.

Everyone is given a free 30-day trial of Audible, during which time they may try out the service and choose whether or not it is right for them. In addition, rather than the customary restriction of one audiobook.

You are allowed to select two audiobooks during your free trial period if you are a member of Amazon Prime, which you should be if you are a student since students get a free six-month membership to Amazon Prime.

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Students get discounts of up to 30% and also start the 30 Days Free on Audible.
Audible Student Discount 2023

Discount for Indians

Audible Provide Student discounts in India

Yes, Audible does provide a student discount in India. Students with valid student IDs can sign up for a student membership and enjoy a discount of up to 30% on their Audible subscription. The discount applies to both the Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus plans.

To access the Audible student discount in India, you need to sign up for student membership on the Audible website or through the Audible app and provide proof of your student status during the signup process.

Countries-wise Discount

Countries Where Audible Offer Student Discount 2023

Audible offers student discounts in several countries around the world. The discount percentage and availability of the student discount may vary depending on the country.

Here are some countries where Audible offers a student discount along with the discount percentage:

  1. United States: 30% discount
  2. United Kingdom: 50% discount
  3. Canada: 30% discount
  4. Australia: 30% discount
  5. Germany: 50% discount
  6. France: 50% discount
  7. Italy: 50% discount
  8. Spain: 50% discount
  9. Japan: 30% discount
  10. India: Up to 30% discount

It’s worth noting that the availability and discount percentage of the Audible student discount may change over time. Additionally, the student discount may only be available to students enrolled in accredited universities or educational institutions in some countries.

If you are a student, it’s best to check the Audible website or contact Audible customer support in your country to confirm the availability and discount percentage of the student discount.

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Easy Steps to Get Discount

Get Enrolled Audible Student Discount 2023

How to Get Audible Student Discount?

Audible is an Amazon-owned audiobook and podcast platform that offers a vast selection of books and other audio content.

The platform offers a discount to students in India who have valid student ID. Here are some ways to access the Audible student discount in India:

1. Sign up for student membership:

To access the Audible student discount in India, you need to sign up for a student membership. You can sign up on the Audible website or through the Audible app.

During the signup process, you will need to provide proof of your student status, such as a valid student ID. Once your student status is verified, you will be able to access the student discount.

2. Choose a subscription plan:

After signing up for a student membership, you can choose from two subscription plans: Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus. Audible Plus is a more affordable option that offers access to a limited selection of audiobooks, podcasts, and other audio content.

Audible Premium Plus is a more comprehensive option that includes access to the entire Audible library, including exclusive titles and original content.

Enjoy the student discount: With a student membership, you can enjoy a discount of up to 30% on your Audible subscription. The discount applies to both the Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus plans.

3. Cancel or change your subscription:

If you need to cancel or change your Audible subscription, you can do so at any time. To cancel your subscription, log in to your Audible account and go to the “Account Details” section. From there, you can select “Cancel Membership” and follow the prompts to complete the cancellation process.

To change your subscription plan, go to the “Account Details” section and select “Change Plan.” From there, you can select the plan you want to switch to and follow the prompts to complete the change.

In summary, to access the Audible student discount in India, you need to sign up for a student membership, choose a subscription plan, and enjoy the discount. Remember, if you need to cancel or change your subscription, you can do so at any time.

Advantages of Audible Membership for Students

Suppose you enroll in the Prime Student program. In that case, Amazon will provide you with access to several Prime perks at no additional cost during the first few months of your membership, as detailed on the Prime Student program website.

There is no obligation that you make a minimum purchase. Suppose you do nothing to cancel your membership after the initial period has passed. 

In that case, you will be entitled to receive full Amazon Prime benefits at the discounted rate specified in the Prime Student section of our Help pages for a total benefit period (including your initial six-month trial period) of up to four years.

The only exception to this is that you will not be able to invite members of your household to share your Prime membership. If you are a student, you are eligible for this reduced rate. As indicated in the Prime part of our Help pages, benefits are not guaranteed and may be subject to restrictions such as territorial constraints. 

Your Prime Student membership will expire either when you graduate or at the end of the fourth year of your Prime Student membership, whichever comes first. If you do not cancel your membership before either of these events.

Your Prime Student membership will automatically renew on its anniversary date as a fully paid subscription to Amazon Prime at the rates that were in effect at the time. Prime Student members may also be eligible for additional benefits, such as discounts and special offers. 

We will notify you via email or make it available on the Prime Student membership page, which can be found at

Prime Student members can sign up for the program at We reserve the right to decide on the inclusion or exclusion of Prime Student membership privileges at any time and for any reason.

Terms and conditions for Audible Student Offers

If you want to sign up for Prime Student and use it, you need to meet the following requirements: you need to have an account; you need to be a college student who is actively enrolled in at least one course at a college that is geographically located in one of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico.

You need to be able to provide proof of enrollment when it is requested, and you need to have a valid email address that ends with the domain suffix At our sole discretion, we may accept membership applications or decline them. 

We may require you to provide documents to substantiate your eligibility. Suppose you need to provide documentation indicating that you meet the eligibility requirements outlined above. Audible Conditions.

In that case, you may be required to reimburse us for the benefits you received due to your Prime Student membership. These benefits include free two-day shipping on eligible orders over $35 and access to exclusive student discounts. 

The Prime Student membership may only be used for one’s personal needs and cannot be used to make purchases of goods or services to resell them. Your Prime Student membership and the privileges that come along with it cannot be transferred or assigned to another person under any circumstances.

You are restricted from signing up for multiple Prime Student memberships with the same student email address. You are only allowed one enrollment in the Prime Student program.

Agreement Changes

Without providing you with prior notice, we reserve the right to modify these Terms and any other part of your Prime Student membership as we see fit.

If one of the modifications is ruled invalid, null, or for any other reason unenforceable, that change may be severed. It will not impact the legality or enforceability of any other changes or conditions.

About Audible Student Discount

The student discount on Audible that we saw advertised on the Amazon website is currently one of the most attractive deals that are being made available.

Through the Audible Premium Plus free trial, you will have immediate access to free audiobooks, podcasts, and other audio content after registering for the service.

The most recent offer from Audible will provide you with access to thousands of audiobooks and “Audible Originals” online and three free audio titles that you can retain and add to your collection.

A subscription to Audible may be expensive, particularly for students. Amazon has responded to this issue by introducing a student discount for the Audible streaming service.

Anyone who has received an Audible student discount is eligible to join the Audible membership plan (Premium Plus membership) for the low price of just $9.95 per month, which represents a savings of 33 percent, and receive a $10 credit, which can be put toward the purchase of goods on

However, the student discount offered by Audible is only accessible to Prime Student users at this time. The good news is that Prime Student provides new users with a free membership valid for the first six months.

After the trial period, the monthly fee is $6.49, equivalent to half the cost of an Amazon Prime membership. Continue reading for further information on Audible’s student discount and Audible Premium Plus and Prime Student.

Audible Student offer in detail with discount

A membership to Audible may be rather pricey, particularly for those currently enrolled in educational programs. However, Amazon has developed a solution that can be used to address this issue.

They have created a subscription that gives students a discount on Audible purchases. In addition, an Audible membership can be purchased by anybody who uses this feature.

Only $9.95 is required from you each month to maintain your Premium Plus membership. In addition, you will get a discount of 33% and a credit of $10 that can be used to make purchases on

The company is the most well-known in its business because its founder was one of the industry’s founding fathers. However, what are their options if a student wants to use Audible but needs to learn to take advantage of the student discount the firm provides?

The following is a rundown of the three simple actions that need to be taken to get a student discount on audible:

  • Visit the registration page at on your mobile device or PC to get started.
  • If this is your first time using UNiDAYS, you will need to either establish a new account or log in to an existing one. Audible will evaluate your responses to these questions to decide whether or not you are eligible for the student discount.
  • Please remember that to get the Audible Student Discount Code, you will first need to ensure that your UNiDAYS account has been updated with the appropriate student ID verification information.
  • You are eligible for a discount of thirty percent if it has been shown that you are a student. Because of this deal, your subscription for the next year will only cost you $9.95 each month.

It will begin as soon as possible. You may save more than thirty percent on your first Audible membership if you are a student and join up for the service for the first time. As a bonus for purchasing this membership, you will get a ten-dollar gift card on Amazon.

Anyone needing help acquiring the student discount may seek assistance from Audible’s customer support. They can give answers to inquiries and further information.

Overview of Audible Student Discount 2023

Students are eligible for a price reduction on the purchase of the book. You will get a confirmation email after successfully signing up for the student membership plan at Audible and verifying your account.

It will mention that you have been issued a promotional credit for $10 that may be used in your account at You can use this credit as you choose. Once the Amazon credit is added to your account, it will be removed from your account after it has been active for ninety days.

Only products that meet the requirements to get the Amazon promotional credit may be used to purchase another item via this offer. If they sell their items on Amazon, third-party sellers and other Amazon businesses will only be able to get promotional credit from Amazon if they do so.


Queries Related to Audible Student Membership 2023

Q1. Does Audible provide a student discount?

Yes, of course! An audible student discount is available to everyone with a university email address. All students should have access to a university email account, regardless of whether they are full-time, part-time, mature, or participating in distance learning.

Q2. How to activate the Audible student discount?

1) open an account with Audible; 2) the student must be actively enrolled in at least one course at a college; 3) provide proof of enrollment via email and confirm enrollment via Audible’s verification process.

Q3. What are the eligibility requirements for an audible Student Offer?

You need a valid student ID card to get the audible student discount.

Q4. How much is an audible Discount available for Students?

You’ll find a 30% discount on additional audiobooks, 2 for 1, and exclusive sweepstakes among the fantastic deals.

Q5. What is an accepted Student Id?

Students receive an identification number (short for identification), or a URN (unique reference number), which confirms their attendance at their university of choice.

Q6. Who submitted a student discount card application?

The only thing you need in-store is your student ID card. To get discounts while shopping online, you may need to sign up with a student discounts service like Unidays or Student Beans. These sites for retailers verify student status. An exclusive discount code should be provided to you at checkout.

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