Spotify Free Premium and Subscription – Start Spotify 3 Month Free trial 2023

Spotify Free Premium and Subscription – Start Spotify 3 Month Free trial 2023

Get Spotify Free Premium in 2023 by following our 8 Verified Methods. Access Free Spotify Accounts by activating Spotify free trial right now and listing music step-by-step. Avail of fast Spotify Free Subscription.

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In this Article, we mentioned all possible ways to get Spotify free subscription, or premium, Also you can try 3 months Spotify Free Trial.

Even the most mundane activity can be made more enjoyable by music. If you’re like most people, you enjoy listening to music while working out, doing the dishes, or driving to work.

Spotify Free Subscription Summary:

Application Spotify Free Premium
No. of Ways8 Methods
Longest Duration3 Months or 90 Days
Subscription typesVerified or Manually Tested

Apply easy methods

Ways to Get Spotify Free Premium:

Here are some ways, by which users can start the Spotify Free Trial and Listen to Music Ad-free and of Good Quality.


Get 3 months of Spotify Free Trial.

Default Free Trial.

Spotify is currently offering a free trial of the Premium version. It entitles you to a free month of Spotify Premium. After that, the price returns to the regular $9.99, but you can cancel at any time.

Shopify Free Trial for 3 Months

They used to run a promotion where you could get three months of Spotify Premium for $0.99, but that has since expired. But keep an eye out because they might bring it back.


Get Spotify Premium for Free by Borrowing an Account

Tricky Method.

If your family or best friends have a Spotify premium subscription, you can borrow their account and use the premium features for free.

Spotify will not restrict premium account login to any device; however, multiple users will be unable to stream Spotify music using the same single premium account. To get around this, simply enable “Offline Mode” by following the steps below:

  • STEP 1: Open the Spotify app and navigate to “Settings” by clicking the gear icon in the upper-right corner.
  • STEP 2: Scroll down to “Playback” and turn on “Offline mode.”

NOTE: In offline mode, you can only listen to Spotify songs that you’ve downloaded.


Spotify Free Subscription Mod APK.

Spotify Mod is a cracked Spotify Premium version that allows you to access almost all premium features without paying the premium subscription fee, such as ad blocking, high-quality music playback, unlimited skips, and the ability to play any song from the playlist.

Step 1: Get the most recent version of Spotify Mod APK.

Step 2: To ensure your safety, the file you downloaded will be in zip format. To extract/unzip the file, use the built-in file manager or any file explorer of your choice.

Step 3: Once the file has been unzipped/extracted, tap on the extracted APK file to begin the installation. The file’s name will be

Step 4: Depending on the version of Android OS installed on your phone, you may see a warning message saying, “For your security, your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source.” Select the Settings option.

Step 5: A new menu will appear, with the option Allow from this source. To enable the installation, press the toggle switch next to it.

Step 6: Return to the installation screen. You will see a list of all the permissions that the app requires (if there are any). Click the Install button.

Step 7: To launch the Spotify Premium app, tap the Open button.


Sign up with PayPal and receive a 3-month Spotify Free Subscription

For Paypal Users.

You can get a free Spotify Premium account by signing up with PayPal. Spotify has teamed up with PayPal to offer a free 3-month Spotify Premium account.

Spotify Free Premium with Paypal

Users who have not yet signed up for Spotify Premium accounts are welcome to join. Furthermore, this promotion is valid for PayPal users with a valid US account until September 15, 2023.

Step 1. Navigate to the PayPal website and click the ‘Sign Up’ button. Then proceed to create a new PayPal account.

Step 2. Navigate to the ‘Account Overview’ tab and select ‘Get Verified.’ Then choose the verification method you want. Then, proceed by selecting ‘Continue.’

Step 3: Click ‘Confirm’ and then ‘Submit.’ The verification of your PayPal account will take 1-3 days.

Step 4: After you’ve verified your account, launch the Spotify app on your mobile device.

Step 5: At the bottom of the screen, click the ‘Premium’ tab.

Step 6: Click the ‘Get Premium’ button. Then proceed to pay with your PayPal account. It will take you to PayPal’s website to complete the transaction.

Following that, you can receive a 3-month free Spotify Premium account.


Create a Gift Card to Extend the Free Spotify Premium Account

Special Trick for Existing Users.

Spotify gift cards can also be used to extend your free trial period for Spotify Premium. This is the legal and straightforward route. If you have one from family or friends, you can use it to get Spotify Premium for free.

Spotify Free Premium and Subscription - Start Spotify 3 Month Free trial 2023

We’ll show you how to use Spotify gift cards to keep your Spotify Premium account free for longer.

Step 1: Navigate to Then sign in with your Spotify credentials.

Step 2: Scratch behind the gift card to find the Pin.

Step 3: Enter the card’s PIN or the code from the receipt.

Step 4: Click Redeem. Your account will now be upgraded to Premium status.

Click here to Voot Free Subscription


Buy Samsung Galaxy Mobile

Exclusive with Galaxy Series.

If you live in the United States, you can get a free subscription to Spotify Premium simply by owning a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet.

Spotify premium with Samsung Phones

To be eligible for the promotion, you must have purchased the device between May 4, 2023, and May 3, 2023. Of course, you must redeem the offer by May 3, 2022. This promotion entitles you to three months of Spotify Premium. Here’s how to get it back:

  • Launch the Spotify app that has been preloaded on your Samsung Galaxy device. If your phone or tablet does not already have the app, you can get it from the Google Play Store.
  • Log in with your Spotify credentials if you already have one. Otherwise, sign up for a free account by clicking the “Sign Up Free” button.
  • In the bottom right corner of your phone’s screen, tap the “Premium” tab.
  • Select “Spotify Premium for Samsung” from the menu.
  • To redeem the offer, click “Try 3-Month Free.”

After that, you can begin your three-month free trial immediately. But before you take advantage of this promotion, there are a few things you should know.

The first requirement is that you have never tried or used Spotify before. Furthermore, once your three-month free trial period expires, Spotify will begin charging you automatically.


Receive a Discount Using Rakuten and Raise to Spotify Free Subscription

To get a discount on Spotify, use discount gift cards or cash-back apps. Raise sells Spotify gift cards at a discount of up to 4.5%. The majority of these gift cards are digital and will be delivered to your inbox.

You can also choose to receive cash back. When you purchase a Spotify gift card through Raise, you will receive 5% cash back, which can be applied to future gift card purchases. As of July 2023, you can choose between 5% cash back or a 4.47% discount when purchasing a gift card.

If you’re a new Raise customer, you’ll receive a $10 credit toward your first gift card purchase.


Connect to a Spotify Family Plan

When it comes to premium plans, Spotify gives users four options. There are only three options if you are not a student.

Spotify Free Premium and Subscription - Start Spotify 3 Month Free trial 2023

The family plan, which includes six premium accounts, is one of them. If you have a friend or family member who has purchased the family plan, simply ask him or her to add you as one of the six family accounts.

This method is much simpler than the others, but the assumption is that you have a family member or a friend who will assist you.

There is one disadvantage: you will receive a family-mixed playlist that includes all of the music played by this family plan’s members, including yours. This means a little less privacy.

Music Platform

About Spotify

Spotify is currently the world’s leading music streaming service, with over 365 million users. Although the app has a free version, a Premium subscription is unquestionably superior. However, the ten-dollar monthly subscription fee may be too much for some.

Spotify Free Premium and Subscription - Start Spotify 3 Month Free trial 2023

Fortunately, just as it is possible to obtain a free Disney Plus account or a free Netflix account, it is also possible to obtain a free Spotify Premium account in a legal manner. This guide will show you how to get free Spotify Premium without violating copyright laws. We’ll also show you different ways to get Spotify Premium completely free or at a lower cost.

Spotify Premium services allow users to access unlimited tracks online and download ad-free songs in high quality for offline listening on any device. Those who cannot afford the $9.99 monthly Premium subscription fee can opt for the Free plan.

If you are currently using a free Spotify subscription and do not want to pay for a Premium subscription, you can still try Spotify Premium for free with its 30-day free trial.

Or are you looking for another way to get Spotify Premium for free for an extended period of time, such as after the free trial? Not a problem! Now we’ll show you some easy and legal ways to get Spotify Free Premium and also get SonyLiv free subscription. Continue reading to find out how.

Spotify Premium Pricing Plan 2023

Spotify has four subscription plans:

  • Mini (1 Account) – ₹7/day
  • Individual (1 Account) – ₹119/month
  • Duo (2 Accounts) – ₹149/month
  • Family (6 Accounts) – ₹179/month
  • And Student.

Spotify Free Premium and Subscription - Start Spotify 3 Month Free trial 2023

If you sign up for the Duo, Family, or Student plan, you’ll also get the following extras:

1) Duo includes Duo Mix, a playlist that matches both tastes and is regularly updated with music you both enjoy.

2) Family includes Family Mix, a playlist for your family that is regularly updated with music that you all enjoy.

Conclusion – Spotify Free Premium Methods 2023

Spotify free premium

Spotify has numerous benefits that entice users to pay for it. Some users may be unconcerned about paying the monthly subscription fee.

But, if you’re interested, there are 100% working methods to get Spotify Premium for free. Choose how you want to get Spotify Premium for free, and then start listening to your favorite Spotify music offline with a free Spotify Premium account.

FAQs – Spotify Free Trial and Subscription

Here are some common questions and answers regards Spotify’s free uses.

Is it legal and safe to get a free Spotify premium subscription?

It is not safe to attempt to hack Spotify premium with a hackable program. It is safe to sign up for a free trial and use the Spotify downloader. Furthermore, as long as you play Spotify files, this will be legal.

Can I continue to use Spotify after my free trial of Spotify Premium has expired?

 Yes, but you will lose the ability to use Premium features. When your Spotify Premium subscription expires and you do not renew it, your account will be deactivated. You can still listen to Spotify songs and access the Spotify music library. However, they are available online with advertisements.

What distinguishes free and premium versions of Spotify?

Spotify provides two types of accounts to users:
Spotify Free: To get Spotify for free, simply register your email address. However, it has some limitations, such as shuffled music play, no skips, and audio/video advertisements.
Spotify Premium: Spotify Premium provides users with a plethora of features. You can download high-quality music offline, skip wireless songs, and avoid ads.

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